If you have been following the new Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters cross-over event you have been in for a lot of surprises. From Boba Fett changing the look of his armor to the re-introduction of many old characters, this storyline has been a blast to follow. Crossing throughout the different Star Wars comic series, there also has been no shortage of action. Well, thanks to Star Wars #14 “Save Solo” we have another issue that has all of the above.

Star Wars #14 “Save Solo”

The Plot

Star Wars #14 is not only a continuation of the War of the Bounty Hunters story this issue also ties in and references quite a bit from the Star Wars franchise. This story picks up with Luke and Leia still looking for Han Solo. With very little luck and Leia starting to lose hope, they get a new lead from an old friend, Amilyn Holdo. Holdo who has been working with the syndicates to negotiate help for the Rebellion has learned that Crimson Dawn has taken Solo from Boba Fett and plans to auction him off. Knowing they will need more help dealing with Crimson Dawn they reluctantly ask Lando to help. Lando agrees but he has other plans for this mission.

Save Solo

“Save Solo” Star Wars Connections

Like I said earlier Star Wars #14 had quite a few Star Wars franchises. Of course, this is something that we should all be familiar with within the Star Wars comic world, it is defiantly the easiest way to connect everything together. First, we will start with Amilyn Holdo. Her return in this story comes after her appearance in the novel, Leia: Princess of Alderaan, and before her appearance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Also, we get ties to Solo: A Star Wars Story, with the return of Crimson Dawn. But Crimson was the only Criminal syndicate to make an appearance in this issue. We also see the return of Black Sun, who first made their appearance in the Legends multimedia project Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.

Holdo; Star wars; marvel comics
Image: Marvel Comics

Of course, we can’t forget the tie-ins from the original series. We have Lando and Lobot who we all know from The Empire Strikes Back, but it was Lando’s past history with Crimson Dawn (from Solo: A Star Wars Story) that got him caught up in this mission. Also, we get another appearance of Bib Fortuna thanks to Lando. This is probably going to set us up on how Lando was in Jabba’s Palace during the rescue of Solo in Return of the Jedi.

My Final Thoughts

The Creative team of Charles Soule (Writer), Ramon Rosanas (Artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (Colorist), and VC’s Clayton Cowles (Letterer) did a great job in keeping this story interesting and exciting, even without any bounty hunters in it. The art and text were easy to follow and did a great job in setting the mood throughout the issue.

What I really like about this issue was not only all the little Star Wars tie-ins but how it is really starting to give us the story on Han Solo’s rescue at Jabba’s palace. Seeing Leia regain her confidence also helps readers even become more attached to the princess as we see her grow into a leader. While this story didn’t add much to the War of the Bounty Hunters storyline, you could tell it is going to be used to set up something big. I can not wait to see what happens next in Star Wars #15!

Save Solo

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