The Falcon and The Winter Soldier might have introduced a new Captain America, but that show isn’t the last we’re seeing of Sam Wilson. Coming from Malcolm Spellman (showrunner for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier) and Dalan Musson, they’re writing the script for the upcoming film. Marvel hasn’t given any indication on casting, but we can safely assume it’ll have Anthony Mackie at the very least. So far, Chris Evans has been the only one to officially play Captain America. With the show giving us a look at some of the other people who could stake claim to the title, who knows who else could claim it. The Hollywood Reporter had the news.

Malcolm Spellman was the showrunner for the show, with Musson being the wild-card. He was the writer for the fifth episode of the series, which we gave a glowing review to. If The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was any indication, this movie will follow in it’s powerful footsteps.

There’s no director announced or any other details besides the two writers. So it seems like this one is in the development stage still.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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Source: THR