Time to plan another heist and put on your best outfit, as a ‘Cruella’ sequel is already in early works at Disney, as the film is heading into its second weekend at the box office and Disney+ premiere access for $30 dollars. Director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNamara are expected to return for the sequel along with Emma Stone as the villainess herself.

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‘Cruella’ released on May 28th as so far the film has grossed $48.5 million globally. The “Devil Wears Prada” 1970s fashion with a punk rock-esque has been getting some good reception for the film’s release.

A Disney’s spokesperson coming from The Hollywood Reporter explains why for another follow up of the film:

“We are very pleased with Cruella’s box office success, in conjunction with its strong Disney+ Premier Access performance to date,” a Disney spokesperson said in a statement. “The film has been incredibly well received by audiences around the world, with a 97% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes in addition to A’s in every demographic from CinemaScore on opening weekend, ranking it among the most popular of our live-action reimaginings. We look forward to a long run as audiences continue to enjoy this fantastic film.”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter