It’s official, Power Rangers Dino Fury has wrapped production! We at That Hashtag Show congratulate everyone on and off-screen!

So what’s next for Power Rangers Fans?

Well for right now we still have 3 more episodes but they won’t be on Nickelodeon they will be airing all on Netflix in less than 2 weeks!

Not only will we get eh first 8 episodes that aired on Nick but 3 unseen episodes! So if we do the math that 22 episodes for Season 1 and more than likely 22 episodes for Season 2. Bringing it to 44 episodes total like its predecessor Beast Morphers. After June 15th we have no idea how the other 33 presumed episodes will air. If Netflix decided to go weekly release or just one-shot them all and go for a Morphin Grid-filled binge!

Thoughts from the Morphin Grid

With rumors starting last year about Hasbro and Toei splitting, to which there is still no definitive answer. I think it would be in the franchises’ best interest to push Netflix to go for a weekly release schedule. Here’s why

Going for that long-drawn-out 2 years per series release that we have become accustomed to since the Neo-Saban era. This gives the production team time to shop around different Super Sentai series. If you haven’t read my article about the smart decision to jump to Ryusoulger/ Dino Fury CLICK HERE . As it stands right now the only series I could see make the Pacific jump would be Kirameiger. Zenkaiger is starting to hit its stride but we saw what happened with the last anniversary series, sorry Mega / SuperMegaForce. Plus, the fact that Zenkaiger has so many 45’s it’s hard not to glance them over as we did with Goseiger and Gokaiger.

Maybe next year’s Super Sentai will be a good fit for American audiences. Maybe with the New Power Rangers Universe headed by Johnathan Entwistle they want to try and make an all-American series?! Who knows? We will just have to wait and see!

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