Burning Witches are absolutely killing it with their new album, The Witch Of The North. The heavy metal coven have a video for the single “We Stand As One” out today! You can check out the video below. In addition to this, THS recently sat down with lead singer Laura Guldemond to talk about the new album.

The new song is a hard rocking anthem that’ll get you pumping your fist and singing along with the chorus. It’s a Judas Priest-esque song that doesn’t lean too hard into nostalgia. You can grab the album from Nuclear Blast Records right here! Guitarist and main songwriter Romana had this to say about the album and single:

We’re not really into bigger experiments. We’re all burning for classic metal like Maiden, Priest, and Slayer. For me, nothing’s better than this kind of music, so Burning Witches will always stay true to themselves.

You can check out Burning Witches on their upcoming Metal Commando Over Europe Tour as special guests with Primal Fear. They’re touring from September 2021 taking a break, and then heading out on the road again in December 2022. They’re really proving that this coven can’t be stopped by anything.

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