The year was 2018, after huge theater releases of Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 everyone was waiting for the next major theater release to blow it out of the water. Well, that release was Solo: A Star Wars Story, and we all know how that went. How did it go so bad? Not only did this story give us an amazing back story on our favorite smuggler, Han Solo, it also could have opened doors for some kick-ass spinoffs. But, unfortunately, because of the hate towards Star Wars: The Last Jedi and poor marketing Solo was doomed from the start. But the last few years fans have changed their tune and #MAKESOLO2HAPPEN is trending again!



Well, after Solo: A Star Wars Story released on digital and Blu-Ray and listening to the fans that loved it, a lot that boycotted the film decided to finally watch it. And you know what, people started to like it. Once more and more saw how good Solo was and the movie spinoff opportunities it had, a hashtag movement began… #MAKESOLO2HAPPEN. Three years later the #MAKESOLO2HAPPEN movement is still going strong. Here are a few of those Tweets that helped make it trend again this year.

Will We Ever Get another Solo Movie?

We could go on and on with the tweets but I think you all get the picture. Fans want it, but will Disney listen and give it to us. Will this eventually be enough and push them to make the movie, or will all of the fans’ voices go unheard? Now there is some glimmer of hope. in that, it has been confirmed that Star Wars: Lando is on the release slate. So could Lando be a test to see if we get Solo 2? Only time will tell. Until then keep the movement going Solo fans… #MAKESOLO2HAPPEN.


We Want To Hear From You

Do you support the #MAKESOLO2HAPPEN movement? What did you like the most about Solo: A Star Wars Story? Also, if you do want Solo 2 to happen what would you like to see from it? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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