The Summer Of Legend at Wizards Of The Coast is in full swing. Modern Horizons II is gearing up for full release in just a few weeks. The new Adventures In The Forgotten Realms set drops on July 23rd.

The Magic Team has revealed the first cards, and we’re going to show them off.

Up first are the land cards. This set will have basic lands including: Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest.

Plains Card
Island Card
Swamp Card
Mountain Card
Forest Card

Some of the spell cards were also introduced. Those include: Portable Hole and Power Word Kill.

Portable Hole Card
Power Word Kill Card

One of the more interesting cards is the Prosperous Innkeeper card.

Prosperous Innkeeper Card

Now you can’t have a D&D Magic: The Gathering card set without the dragons, which is why they have an amazing dragon card with 2 different versions of it.

Tiamat Card
Borderless Tiamat Card

Now another creature card that was revealed was the Beholder card. This one Is interesting because on June 29th the full preview for the card set begins, so this one doesn’t have the cards ability on it yet.

Baleful Beholder Card

The final card that was revealed is probably incredible, because 3 different versions of it will be available.

Vorpal Sword Card
Extended Art Vorpal Sword Card
Buy-A-Box Promotional Vorpal Sword Card

This first look at this amazing Dungeons And Dragons and Magic: The Gathering collaboration card set is just the beginning of this set. More will be revealed on June 29th.

So, what do you think of the new cards?

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