As it may still be hard to track down an Xbox Series X or S console, but for those lucky owners that have one, get ready to take a trip down memory lane. Because now you can add the original Xbox dynamic background on your Xbox Series X and S dashboard! The original Xbox console along with Halo released back in November 2001. The technology of the system and the amazing gameplay put both the console and Halo on the map and was the example to follow for gaming. Now you can relive those memories of 2001 with “The Original” Xbox dashboard.

As ironic as it sounds and the new background is called “The Original” as it looks like a higher resolution of the famous loading screen of the original Xbox. It looks clean and fresh for console owners to rock out that OG theme.

More Updates Were Added To The Xbox Consoles

But this was not the only update Microsoft added. Not only did Microsoft add a new dynamic theme, but they also added new features where owners can spot which games are kept within the “Quick Resume” and find them in a single category. Microsoft said in their blog post this was to deliver “improved reliability and faster load times”.

Source: (© Microsoft, Quick resume makes so much easier to now spot your favorite games into one section!)

The May update also added “passthrough audio”. This will allow media apps like Disney Plus and Apple TV, send audio from those apps to be sent directly to a compatible HDMI device. There are also new parental settings that let parents block or unblock multiplayer mode for individual games. and a new dynamic background.

Smartglass Is Going Away

Also for those that use Xbox’s Smartglass app, it will be removed in June. Smartglass will no longer be available in the Windows Store and will not support future updates for those who have already downloaded the app according to Microsoft.

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