If you are a fan of the hit game HALO and are looking for something new to impress the Spartans at your next dinner party, you will want to check out the latest dinnerware at Toynk.com. This week Toynk revealed their new HALO Master Chief 117 Stoneware 8-Piece Dinnerware Set. This officially licensed set from Robe Factory LLC will feature UNSC Spartan super-soldier designs. The HALO Master Chief set and other Halo products are available now at Toynk.com. Also when you do get your dinnerware set, I wouldn’t recommend using an Energy Sword to cut your food, it might not be good for the plates.


HALO Master Chief 117 Stoneware 8-Piece Dinnerware Set

Get ready to ditch the rations. You can now sit down for a quality meal between long missions with the HALO Master Chief 8-Piece Dinnerware Set. The collectible dish set features a military-grade design. The green stoneware features UNSC Spartan super-soldier designs, including Master Chief’s iconic 117 designation.

The entire set includes 2 dinner plates, 2 salad plates, 2 soup bowls, and 2 mugs. The two-person place setting will serve you and a companion, so you can take a bite out of those UNSC de-radiated Moa Burgers in style. Fill up on your next meal before preparing for deployment. After all, you should never go into battle on an empty stomach.

Since this dish set is microwave and dishwasher safe, you can reheat your coffee if you get called away to fight an interstellar war. Again. Complete your next mission with the officially licensed Halo dinnerware set. Also if you need a Footlocker to store this dinnerware set or any other HALO items Toynkhas you covered there as well.

HALO UNSC Footlocker Foldable Storage Bin

Get your own standard-issue UNSC trunk without having to go through Spartan training. This officially licensed HALO Footlocker Foldable Storage Bin will keep you organized ahead of your next mission. Place this storage bin at the end of the cot in your quarters, keep it in the barracks to store your combat armor and civilian clothes, or leave it in your gaming space to corral the mess before inspections.


Unlike a real UNSC footlocker, this cube organizer is lightweight, portable, and collapsible. The footlocker measures approximately 24 x 12 inches in size. This versatile piece of home decor allows you to efficiently organize your essential belongings in true military fashion. Combining style and function, the divider provides a strategic solution to maintain an orderly space and reduce clutter.

Even better, you can conveniently fold up the cube organizer whenever you don’t need it. This will help you maximize valuable space in your quarters. 

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