After coming off a huge WTF moment in the last issue of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I have been chomping at the bit to read this issue and see what lead to the fact that Matt and Zedd are working together!

Under the Dome and into the Frying Pan Power Ranger #7 Review

The Rangers start to fight against Matt, Goldar soldiers from Promethea, and the Chaos Putties. After they surrender we only see that 3 of the 5 rangers were captured. That’s because Aisha, Tommy, and Candice snuck away during the heat of battle to revive the downed TigerZord. What they find next is alarming. Angel Grove isn’t overrun by Zedd, rather it is being rebuilt by Finster and the Chaos Putties! The streets are peaceful, even a mugger is stoped by one of Zedd’s monsters. The rangers’ instinct gives them the gut feeling that the vibe is totally off. and no matter what they still need to proceed with the plan. When the trip com upon the TigerZord, she (because we think that vehicles are girls) now becomes a photo op and a symbol of the regime of the rangers.

Squat was standing guard so while Aisha and Candice were fighting off the Chaos Putties, Tommy was in the cockpit trying to start the TigerZord back up. Only after getting a power surge from Candices Eltarian powered sword, the Tigerzord goes to try and break the dome. But is attacked by a giant Chaos Putties camouflaged as buildings that Zedd is speaking through.

Power Rangers Red, Black, and Pink Apprehended

Rocky, Adam, and Kim are taken back to the Promethea to find an ever so smug Grace Sterling. She is reminding the rangers that while they fled back to the Power Chamber. The rest of Angel grove had to do what they could to survive. If that was to side with Zedd then so be it! Kimberly furious with Matt tries to get a straight answer from him but instead chooses to nail him right in the face! A Portal opens and out walk Lord Zedd who is wishing to make a deal. He will never come back to Earth in exchange for one thing, Zordon of Eltar

Meanwhile at the Command Center

Billy and Alpha are trying their best to run calculations to take down the dome. Zordon asks Billy to take a moment to breathe and refocus. Billy goes on to ask Zordon about the struggles of being in command. He uses a very good bird analogy and Billy gets it. he just wishes he was fighting alongside his comrades. Zordon goes on to speak of Zophram of Eltar how he was a general who unlike the previous Supreme Guardians would rather be in the trenches. Zordon also ishes he wasn’t stuck in the tube but free to help fight.

Suddenly a signal comes in. Not from inside the shield, not from the moon, not from Aquitar but from ELTAR!! Zartus, Zordon’s old comrade is reaching out. The 2 Eltarians go back and forth whipping jokes at each other. They get down to business, Zartus explaining his problem with the Empyerals and how bringing Earth into their alliance and thus the Power Rangers would strengthen their forces. Zordon is hesitant as he doesn’t think that Earth is ready. That they are still too young.

10000 Years Ago…

In yet another flashback we see as Zordon said Zorphram on the ground with his troops. amazingly they come upon what looks to be a temple and inside they find “IT” the legendary Zeo Crystal!

Thought from the Grid

This issue had great pacing! It juggled around 4 different plot lines smoothly! The reveal that Zordon found the Zeo Crystal 100 years ago, must have something to do with the reason Zedd wants him now. I also have been enjoying the fact that Zordon has a sense of humor that he’s not just a stalwart head in the tube. I wish that the rangers could get equal time with the fun side of Zordon but that would take away from what needs to happen outside the Command Center.

Covered in Spandex

All 3 covers come with Virgin Variants as well. The Blank Cover this time is a Pale Green. You can find them in your Local Comic Shop. Then jump back in the comments and let us know what you thought about the issue!

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