So The Green Knight has been sitting in limbo for a while now thanks to a certain COVID-19 going around. Well, hopefully, we’ll finally get to see what this film is all about. I mean, how else do you explain this new 2nd trailer coming out now?

Oh, so Sir Gawain gets a fluffy foxy friend? Nice.

A24 officially unveiled a brand new trailer for The Green Knight on May 11, 2021. This new trailer actually reveals a lot more of the plot than the first trailer did. Not only that, but it fully showcases the whole medieval fantasy horror genre the film apparently belongs to. I mean, seriously, when Sir Gawain (played by David Patel) chops a creepy green guy’s head off, before said green guy calmly puts it back on and disappears in a gale of laughter, leaving a blood splatter on the floor, you know you’re in for some horror.

The Green Knight trailer also give us a release date in the description. Evidently, we’ll finally get to see this film by David Lowery in theaters on July 30, 2021. Now hopefully this release date holds true. I mean, we saw the original release date delayed multiple times. It wouldn’t be all that surprising for this one to see the same fate. Fingers crossed.

The Green Knight: Not What the Fox Says

A fox making some very un-fox-like sounds in The Green Knight.
What does the fox say? Well, not this.

Funnily enough, there’s one thing that broke suspension of disbelief for me in this new trailer for The Green Knight. No, it wasn’t the decapitation. No, it wasn’t the titular villain himself putting his head back on. And it wasn’t the suddenly-talking fox foretelling Sir Gawain’s doom. What did it for me in this The Green Knight trailer was actually the fox howling like a dog/wolf. Yes, really. Why? Because foxes don’t howl. They…well, you listen for yourself:

Ah, the noble (read: terrifying) cry of the fox.

Yeah, foxes don’t howl. They scream. Like the dying scream of an anguished woman. That’s kind of disturbing, especially if you have no idea that these sounds are coming out of a fox’s mouth. It’s honestly too bad that they didn’t preserve this for The Green Knight. It would’ve added to the feeling of horror in the film.


A24 just released a new The Green Knight trailer on YouTube. That same trailer also revealed that the new theatrical release date is July 30, 2021. Interested in dark medieval fantasy horror? Check this film out on that date.

Source: YouTube