Anyone remember the days of trying to make your frozen city survive the long winter in Frostpunk on the PC? And then on the PS4 and Xbox One? Now it seems, we can soon do the same thing on mobile devices. You know, something we can do while trekking out into the snowy wastelands for things to scavenge? Good times.

Now you too can carry around your own Antarctica City Survival game in your pocket.

11 bit studios officially unveils their new Frostpunk Mobile game. The developers are announcing this both on Twitter and on Facebook, in addition to a Steam announcement. They are basically taking the original game, and porting it to iOS and Android mobile systems. Probably with reduced graphics quality, but eh, that’s the price you pay to play games on mobile devices.

Sadly, 11 bit studios has no other information for us about this Frostpunk Mobile version. They have no release date for us, nor anything of substance really aside from that announcement. We’ll just have to wait for some more news later.

Frostpunk: The Chilly Details

Frostpunk Mobile key art.
Oh, how will I ever survive the winter without my iPhone?

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Frostpunk is a city-building survival game released for PC back in April 2018. The game takes place in an alternate 19th century, where some kind of calamity has caused the world temperatures to drop. And by “drop”, I mean plummet to subzero temperatures.

Frostpunk concept art.
A bit chilly out, innit?

As humanity is freezing to death, Britain puts a last-ditch plan into effort to try and preserve some remains of the population. They do this by building these huge coal-fired generators that are supposed to keep people warm, and serve as city centers. This is where you, the player of Frostpunk, come in. You’re supposed to take a generator, some emergency supplies, and a small group of survivors; and turn them into a thriving city. Or at least, one that can survive the coming winter. You might have to make some hard decisions along the way, but rest assured that it’s all for survival. Maybe.

Frostpunk cover art.
All hail our glorious Fire Lord!


11 bit studios has just announced a Frostpunk Mobile game coming to iOS and Android. Once this releases, you’ll be able to make your own frozen city survive the coming winter anywhere you can carry a smartphone to. At least, once 11 bit announces a release date for this game, at any rate.

Source: Twitter, Facebook