The year was 1985. A group of young misfits known as the Goonies discovers a map of One-Eyed Willy’s legendary pirate treasure. Yeah, they may have found the treasure then, but legend has it, there is even more, to be found. Well, thanks to the treasure hunters at Factory Entertainment it seems that the legend of this treasure is true. Factory Entertainment has revealed the first-ever The Goonies – Copper Bones Skeleton Key Limited Edition Prop Replica.

The Goonies – Copper Bones Skeleton Key Limited Edition Prop Replica

The Goonies

Hey you guys! 

Factory Entertainment’s band of rejects have recently returned from their very own hunt for One-Eyed Willy’s treasure and have unearthed something that was thought to have been lost forever…The actual screen-used prop of the Copper Bones Skeleton Key as featured in 1985 cult-classic movie, The Goonies.

“Triple stones… This must be copper bones!”

Working with the authorization of Warner Bros. and Amblin, Factory Entertainment was able to locate the actual screen used prop, which had been stored in the private collection of a prominent film maker. The FE team was granted access to the piece and was able to capture all of the fine detail that had only been seen by the few people fortunate enough to handle the prop since the film wrapped over 35 years ago.

The Goonies

Using this newly available reference, the collectibles company got to work on replicating the prop by creating a digital sculpt, followed by a 3D printed prototype. The prototype was then used to create a casting master. Ensuring that everything present on the original prop would remain intact on the replica.

Expected to ship Autumn 2021. 

For the first time ever, a truly accurate officially licensed Copper Bones Skeleton Key Prop Replica is now available to order on Factory Entertainment’s website,, and retails for $99.99. Also, this 6-inch long hand painted and weathered limited edition prop replica is cast out of metal, features a leather strap, and comes packaged in a collector gift box.

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