Attention Witches, Wizards, and Whimsical folk! The interactive magical experience of The Wizard’s Den is reopening and as fun as ever. Even with health and safety prioritized, this adorable and entertaining adventure does not skimp on immersion and ambiance. Tucked away in a secret Hollywood location; The Wizard’s Den is adorned with spiritual and mystical imagery. The location might be secret, but you’ll learn after confirmation of purchase. Just make sure you either Ride Share or know where to park. It can get a little hectic in Hollywood.

Once You’re Inside, Magic Is All You See

Inside, the carefully crafted scene evokes a clear and specific inspiration… without infringing on copyright. Upon entry, guests choose from a selection of sanitized wands to borrow for the event by a playful and friendly staff. Once seated with your coven, the presentation begins, leading guests through an assortment of incantations and delicious flavors.

The Full Proceedings

Your opening beverage is a delectably cozy Butter Beer inspired drink. Served with an optional whipped topping and caramel drizzle. After that, most drinks were made by the guests as part of the experience, as students at this school for wizardry, starting with a bubbly gingery-citrus flavored elixir.

Our host for the evening sprinkled on the finishing touches with flowers and bitters, but the drink was fantastic even without the embellishments. While sipping on the first drinks, guests partake in a Pop Quiz trivia competition inspired by different pop culture hocus pocus and magical movies.

Winners of the trivia game each earned personal-sized mini-cauldrons overflowing with dry ice and a lemon drop drink. Next the activities got oddly challenging. That could be because guests were 2-3 drinks in, or because the producers of the night decided it was amusing to make the games harder as the night went on. Either way, the next section included riddles and cyphers, ultimately leading to the ingredients required to put together the final concoction.

Made in a large, and surprisingly heavy, cauldron on the table, this last drink was smooth and lemony, almost like a spiked sparkling lemonade. Although the presentation left little time for socializing with your party at the table, once properly lubricated the venue welcomed exploration, and socially distanced photography, around the detailed sets. 

Make sure to share your experience on Social Media. It’s a fun night for anyone, magic or not. A highly recommended experience, especially with the Potterhead’s in your life. Make sure to eat something before arrival as you’ll be imbued with delightful – and strong – adult beverages. And to buy your tickets in advance here

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