It’s a Monday morning, and you’ve been absolutely throttled by sweats (including myself) using the Akimbo Syvok pistols in Warzone. Well normally you’d have to wait until at least Thursday for some assistance. Raven Software decided to put in some overtime this weekend. A lot of the issues that plague the game are still there, but this is a bit of a hope. The Sykov pistols were way too good at close range. It was threatening to take over the game and make short range engagements impossible.

Luckily, the bulk of the patch notes for today are about the Sykov. In addition to some other quality of life fixes and Modern Warfare issues. Let’s dig in a bit.

The Biggest Changes

The Sykov is the highlight, with also the MW sniper scopes showing glint. Now you’re no longer going to get beamed across the map by a Kar98k that you can’t see. You’ll just get beamed across the map by a Kar98k that you did see. Now you don’t have to worry about seeing those green lasers of the Sykov firing squad when you enter a building.

Hopefully this means that the Sykov is still a solid secondary, because the game does need something to pair with Ghost/Restock classes that isn’t complete garbage. Akimbo is still a bane of the Call of Duty series, but this should at least dislodge the pistols from the Tier 0 of the Meta.

Speaking of tier 0, the Modern Warfare perks were just not working at all. Sleight of Hand? Did nothing. Frangible Wounding? Nadda. So now you can finally run that AS VAL class in anything higher than Solos and “hope” to succeed. (That gun is way too fun, do it). This was really all about the Sykov pistols though.

Warzone Changes Big-Time This Wednesday/Thursday

Hopefully it changes. Verdansk is “overrun” with Zombies, even though some of the promises of Season Two were hollow, it’s sort of feeling like it’s overrun. The radiation zones are a big step in that storyline direction and something drastic needs to happen to contain the damage.

Something like a nuke? Maybe some nerfs to the FFAR, AUG (CW), M16, or something else? We do know that these nerfs are coming at least. I know I’m still tired of getting blasted from long range by a burst rifle.

Who knows, we’ll have to see this Wednesday at 12:00 Noon for what Raven and Activision have planned for us Warzone players. What are you thinking it’s going to be for the big start of Season Three event? What do you hope it is? Are there any weapons that you hope get more nerfs or buffs?

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