There’s no question that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are good at keeping secrets. The Star Wars: The Mandalorian show runners kept “Baby Yoda” under wraps, after all. Likewise, we got all the way to the Season 2 finale before finding out Luke Skywalker would appear. Fans weren’t the only ones kept in the dark, however. Even Katee Sackhoff (Bo-Katan Kyrze) had no idea Luke would appear. She thought Plo Koon, a Jedi Master we saw throughout the prequel trilogy, would be the Jedi to train Grogu.

PLo Koon; THe Mandalorian
Plo Koon (Far right) sits on the Jedi Council in The Phantom Menace. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

It seems like an odd choice, at first. After all, clone pilots appeared to have blown the Jedi out of the sky during the early moments of Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith. Star Wars characters have a tendency to survive  un-survivable events, though. Plus, there’s the fact that Favreau actually told the Clone Wars and Mandalorian star (and others) that Plo Koon would be the Jedi to appear. And now that we’re thinking about it… It make more sense than initially thought.

Favreau teased Plo Koon as Jedi to appear in The Mandalorian  

While participating in a live stream for Star Wars Explained, Sackhoff explained why she thought Bo-Katan would encounter Koon as opposed to any other Jedi:

“That’s who we thought it was, was Plo Koon. That’s who we [were] told it was and I’m a very gullible person. When somebody important tells me something, I say ‘okay.'”

Ahsoka; Plo Koon
Plo Koon meets Ahsoka in this concept art by Dave Filoni.

There’s also the fact that the actor with whom she worked was geared for motion capture. He literally could have been playing any CGI character, so why not Plo Koon? And lest we forget…. Ahsoka Tano became a key component of Grogu’s journey. Koon, of course, was the Jedi that discovered the Torgruta youngling in the first place. Nevertheless, we would not see the Jedi’s return, after all. Still, the alternative of finally seeing the post-Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker we’ve always wanted?

Hopefully Sackhoff was as happy about the surprising, end-result Star Wars cameo as we were.

Source: Star Wars Explained, via CinemaBlend