Yesterday we discussed how Moff Gideon could have so easily defeated the Mandalorian covert on Navarro. While some theorize that they shed their armor and disappeared, that is highly unlikely. First, it goes against the Creed. Second, Din Djarin asked if any survived, and the answer was that some of them may have escaped off-world. No, the likelihood is that they perished at the hands of the remnant Empire, and likely fell to the might of the Dark Troopers. But that raises another question, the answer to which is a sorrowful, gruesome truth about the Armorer.

The Mandalorian Season one
All that remains of the Mandalorian Covert on Navarro. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd. )

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 1 introduced us to the armorer (Emily Swallow) as the matriarch of the covert on Navarro. When Din Djarin & co. make it to her lair in the Season 1 finale, she is the last one standing. All that remains of the rest of the Mandalorian covert is a pile of beskar armor. That, of course, begs the question: what happened to all the bodies? I think we all know, but haven’t wanted to admit it. We learned exactly what happened to them when the Armorer fought the Stormtroopers that arrived after Djarin and the others left for the lava river.

A sad and gruesome task for the Mandalorian Armorer

The armorer; The Mandalorian; Star Wars
Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

The fight between the Armorer and the Stromtroopers is short-lived. During the battle, one unfortunate trooper meets his end in the flames of the forge in which she formed the covert’s armor. He’s incinerated almost immediately…. And therein lies your answer to the question of what happened to the Mandalorian corpses.

Think about it – It’s not like she could bury them, and she had to undress each one in order to salvage all the armor. The only logical conclusion is that the Armorer cremated her fallen brothers and sisters in the forge…. Once again hiding their true numbers even after death. Adding insult to injury, she then had to melt down their Mandalorian beskar in that same forge. That’s a fate we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Armoer; Mandalorian; Star Wars
An inglorious end to this trooper hinted at the Armorer’s gruesome task. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

What happens next with the Armorer remains a mystery. Remember, in Season Two, Chapter 12, newly minted Marshal Dune fights a bunch of Aqualish thieves in the same pace. Gone is the woman herself, as well as her tools, weapons, and all the beskar. If we were the betting kind, we’d guess we’ll see her again in The Mandalorian Season Three. In what capacity is anyone’s guess.