First we got a leak of what the Powerpuff Girls look like in live action, and now we’ve got a look at what they look like officially. There seems to be some big differences there.

The Powerpuff Girls' flashback outfits.
Young and innocent version?
The Powerpuff Girls in their official look.
Older, grittier version? Thanks to The CW.

Why this huge difference in looks between the two live action The Powerpuff Girls scenes? Well, apparently, The CW has an answer for that as well. Apparently, what we saw in that leak were flashbacks to the girls’ teenage years. I guess that’s the best way to portray the girls without having to switch actresses. Or using child actresses.

The CW also mentioned that the girls’ original outfits in that flashback scene will be a pretty rare sight. Apparently, for the vast majority of the live action The Powerpuff Girls show, they’ll be wearing the outfits you see in the official version above. So savor the girls’ original, teenage-sized outfits while you can, folks. Because it’s normal clothes from then on out.

The Powerpuff Girls: Speculation Time!

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Given such vast differences between their old outfits and their new, doesn’t it make you wonder what happened to the Powerpuff Girls in the intervening time? My guess is that some kind of traumatic event happens in that flashback that causes them to abandon being superheroes. Maybe one of their muggle friends dies despite them doing everything they can to save them? Or possibly the girls accidentally kill one of their villains (possibly Mojo Jojo since his son is a character in the live action version?) and has a despair event horizon because of that? Was it something involving Prof. Utonium? Granted, this is all just pure speculation until we actually get to watch The Powerpuff Girls live action show, so take it with as much salt as you like.

Salt, salt, and even more salt. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect crybaby.
Bring on the salt, baby!


There’s a reason why there’s such a big difference between the girls’ outfits in the leak compared to the official reveal. While we might not know exactly what it is, it’s likely related to why the girls gave up being superheroines. To find out more, we’ll just have to wait for The CW to finally give us The Powerpuff Girls to watch. Whenever that happens.

Source: Comic Book