Star Wars: The Bad Batch arrives on May 4th, and it carries with it a slew of unanswered questions. When we last saw Clone Force 99, Echo had joined their ranks and the group rocketed off to other theaters of the Clone Wars. Based on the trailer, it looks like we’ll still see them in action before the events of Order 66. Likewise, we also see them together again with good ol’ Captain Rex. So what can we really expect from the series? Here are three burning questions we hope the new Disney+ series will answer.

First and foremost is the question of whether or not the soldiers of the Bad Batch will participate in Order 66. As we know, all clones of the Great Army of the Republic had implant chips that Palpatine triggered simply by uttering the words “Execute Order 66.” Even Captain Rex succumbed… until Ahsoka Tano was able to locate and remove the chip. But what about Hunter, Wrecker, and the rest? Presumably the Kaminoans would have had implanted chips in their skulls as well. Or… did their mutations prevent implantation, or the chips from having any effect?

More questions we want The Bad Batch to answer

Commander Rex; Teh Bad Batch; The Clone Wars
Rex appears in the trailer for The Bad Batch. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Clone Force 99 also meets up with Captain Rex following the end of the Clone Wars. Rex, as we know, escaped with Ahsoka before parting ways with his former Commander. In the trailer it seems Rex leads the Bad Batch to his old ally Saw Gerrera, which brings us to our second query: Where has Rex been and what has he been doing since the crash into an unnamed moon in The Clone Wars finale? He still has his armor, making him a bit conspicuous to simply run around the galaxy alone. Will The Bad Batch reveal that Rex, with nowhere else to go, joined Saw Gerrera’s Partisans?

Rex; Star Wars Rebels; Clone Wars
Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor in Star Wars Rebels (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Then there are the mysterious cases of Commander Wolfe and Captain Gregor. We know Rex eventually meets up with his clone companions and retires into obscurity…. Until Ahsoka directs the Ghost crew to seek Rex’s aid in Star Wars Rebels. In Rebels, Rex says they removed their chips, but how? And when? (For Wolffe, at least, we do know that he participated in Order 66 before removing his chip.) We (hope) expect The Bad Batch to show us how Rex reunites with his brothers. Perhaps we’ll get to see a bit of Commander Wolffe’s redemption arc, as well.

We’ll know soon enough: we’re now under a month until The Bad Batch blasts its way back into Star Wars. See you on May the 4th.