Today Disney Studios released a new trailer for Artemis Fowl along with a new poster. The new trailer is sure to get fans excited. In it we get a great look at what the film is all about.

We start off with a look at Josh Gad’s character Mulch Diggums. We see Diggums talk about how this story is not about the father, but about the son which is a great hook for a trailer. The trailer begins to show brief clips of Artemis training and how smart he has become as he has grown up. His father tells him he has one thing he must do. After learning of his fathers kidnapping we see the secret rooms and and the secret information his father has been hiding.

Colin Farrell and Ferdia Shaw in Artemis Fowl

A Secret World

In the trailer we learn about a world full of danger and mystery that has been hidden away from the rest of the world. Artemis Fowl I, portrayed by Colin Farrell, has been defending the world from the dangers of this other world. This is where we see Artemis Fowl II partner up with his team of other worldly beings to save his father. Cue the music and action sequences. This is where we see what is in store for the film, and it is nothing short of stunning.

I’m the next criminal mastermind.

Disney’s Next Big Franchise

This movie may be the next big franchise for Disney. Judging by the looks of what we see in the trailer you can’t help but be somewhat excited for what we may be getting. This film is sure to be action-packed with a gripping story full of action and adventure. Because of this, I can see this will surely be just the beginning what could could become a money making franchise.

I personally can’t say I am well versed in the story of Artemis Fowl. I’m aware of the large following that this franchise has. I have no doubt there will be both fans and critics of the film and the franchise itself. Coming from somebody who is going into this with fresh eyes I can’t help but be excited to see this film.

New poster for Artemis Fowl

I must say that I was hooked from the beginning of this trailer. I am a huge Josh Gad fan. The look he has in this role looks amazing. Taking a look at the rest of this cast it seems we may be in for something fun and exciting. Colin Farrell joins the cast as Artemis Fowl I, the father of the titular character.

Artemis Fowl was originally slated to be due out late last year but was later pushed back to a May 2020. You can catch Artemis Fowl is theaters May 29, 2020. This film has something for everyone. This film will surely be a family fun adventure that will leave everyone wanting more.