The biggest thing that jumped out to me in last week’s second episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier had to be the appearance of actress Erin Kellyman.  A relatively new actress on the scene, she stood out in Solo: A Star Wars Story as the rebel leader, Enfys Nest.  She brought some decided spunk to the role, but above that is her notable red, curly hair.  She stands out very quickly in a crowd. In my article last week, I mentioned how good it was to see a lesser actress being pulled from another Disney property to be highlighted once more.  In an interview with,  Kellyman is ready for more!

Erin talked about what it was like acting as a rebel cell leader in both the Star Wars and Marvel universe:

“They’re actually very similar in the way that I feel about them,” Kellyman says. “So, they’re one of the two biggest franchises there is. And to be part of both of them is a very weird and surreal feeling. I feel very lucky. It doesn’t feel quite real yet. I don’t know when that’s going to sink in. But, yeah. It’s been incredible.”

In the past Erin said she would be 100% on board if Lucasfilm ever greenlit the return of Enfys nest.  While the schedule may be packed at the moment, Enfys Nest could make a nice series for Disney+ down the road.  It would be another way to show the formation of the Rebellion.  Rebels gave us a view of the formation of the rebellion from the Ghost gang, but Jedi influence guided its telling.  With Enfys the story could grow darker and more nefarious.  Who knows, maybe she will pop up in Andor.  The timing would be right, and the mood would fit as well.

Kellyman Ready For More – But Could She Do It?

With some actors they become great because the roles they take fit their acting styles, but when pushed, they fall apart and look terrible.  In Solo, Kellyman mostly stood their looking fierce and passionate.  Wearing the Enfys Nest armor also helped her sell the gig, but what type of range does she truly possess?  Can she sell the emotions needed to further her career?

While not a definitive yes, we did get to see Kelly broaden her range in the latest episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier (episode 3).  Later in the episode we see a building the Flag Smashers just raided blow up with people still inside.  Her partner looked shocked, but Kelly simply turned to him and says “This is the only language these people understand.”  No regret or remorse.  Kellyman sells the cold blooded determination of Karli Morgenthau.

Yet in a scene earlier in the episode we see Morgenthau visit a dying friend where she gets to stretch her emotional wings.  The tears and sadness come just as believable as her cold blooded nature.  In short, yes, Erin does possess the chops to warrant more roles.  Let’s hope Disney  (and other companies) can keep her busy in the years ahead.  The return of Enfys Nest would be most welcome.