Story Synopsis: Old Man Quill Vol. 1 & 2

Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord has been out of the game for 50 years, but he and the  Guardians of the Galaxy have one last mission to save the universe in this week’s Comic Rewind, Old Man Quill Vol. 1 & 2.

Quill took over for his father as the Emperor of Spartax.  As the ruler of Spartax it was Quill’s responsibility to protect his people from all threats.

The Universal Church of Truth was just such a threat.  Quill led a mission to hit the church hard and fast before they could prepare any defenses.  The mission was a success and just as he was gloating to the Matriarch of the church he learned the truth.

Old Man Quill

While invading with his army the Universal Church of Truth’s God invaded Spartax and devoured the planet.  The Church’s God was none other than Galactus.  Quill lost his wife, children and all the people he swore to protect.

For 50 years Quill has stayed on a space station and wallowed in his grief.  He left the Guardians of the Galaxy and it seemed he had no one to turn to.  However, this changed when the Guardians of the Galaxy reached out to Quill for one last mission which could end the Universal Church of Truth and Galactus forever.  Quill and his team just had to visit Earth to find the Ultimate Nullifier.  However, Earth was in the middle of the Old Man Logan era.

 Old Man Quill Vol. 1 & 2 was written by Ethan Sacks with art by Robert Gill and Ibraim Roberson.  Marvel Comics published the volumes from 2019 to 2020.

I Love The Old Man Universe

I love the Old Man Logan universe.  Old Man Logan is my favorite comic of all time and I loved Old Man Hawkeye so I wanted to give this comic a try.  Early on I was not loving it.  The comic was just missing something which the other two had, despair.  Quill had hope and support in his mission.  The good news is Quill eventually lost all hope and just when things looked like they were turning around Quill’s hope was crushed.  It was great.

Old ManQuill Is A Little To Far Removed

In the timeline of Old Man Logan this takes place after the events of that story.  As a whole this story seemed the most hopeful, but I think that is just Quill’s personality.  This was my least favorite of the three stories.  It was too removed from the rest of the Old Man Logan universe.  The main villain was the Church of Universal truth with Doctor Doom being very secondary until literally the very end.

Old Man Quill

X-Men’s Old Friend/Foe Meets Old Man Quill

However, something which I did like was who the representative of the Church was, Gladiator and the Imperial Guard from X-Men comics.  Gladiator was the leader of the Imperial Guard and they were the bodyguards to the leader of the Shi’ar empire.  He is Marvel’s Superman with the same powers, but no kryptonite weakness.  

I liked this comic a lot, but I wanted more background on what happened over the past 50 years for Quill and what happened on Earth during Quill’s time on Earth.

If you are a fan of the Old Man Logan universe then this is a must read, but if you aren’t familiar with that story then this isn’t a good one to start with.



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