On March 1, 455 Films launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund a Star Trek: Voyager documentary.

Trekkies blew past the $150,000 goal, raising over $450,000 in the first 24 hours. (And at the time of publishing, the campaign has raised more than $950,000!)

Undoubtedly, the documentary wouldn’t happen without the incredible support of these fans. But you know who else the Voyager doc wouldn’t be possible without? Jonathan Frakes.

That’s right. The Star Trek: The Next Generation star actually played a key role in getting the documentary off the ground.

Co-director David Zappone talked with Frakes after completing his Deep Space Nine documentary, What We Left Behind.

“I said to Frakes, ‘you know, What We Left Behind was great, but I think I’m done and burned out. It’s enough Star Trek.’ He said WHAT? You’re the guy! You have to do Voyager!” recalled Zappone during the WonderCon panel for the film. “And I listened!”

So there you go. Voyager fans can thank Commander Riker for helping get the documentary off the ground. (And they can thank one another for getting the finances in order to make it happen.)

When it comes to Deep Space Nine vs. Voyager, Zappone also said the fact that he needed a little outside motivation to make the Voyager doc doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate both of the shows. In fact, seeing how much fans loved the Deep Space Nine documentary also helped convince the director a Voyager movie was possible.

“I love Voyager, but I didn’t know the cast that well,” Zappone explained. “It was really the success of What We Left Behind that led to this.”

Voyager star Garrett Wang (Ensign Harry Kim) said he’s happy the show is getting the attention it deserves.

“I’m just excited Voyager is finally getting its due. As much as we talk about DS9 being the underdog, Voyager is also the underdog. I’m happy that we’re going to get the chance to tell our story,” Wang said.

Check out the full WonderCon panel for the documentary below.

You can also donate to the IndieGoGo campaign through March 31, 2021.