The Rangers’ adventure continues, and Power Rangers #5 gets right into the action! After a strange encounter on Drakkon’s prison planet, the Rangers head to the planet Onyx for supplies to fix their ship. What happens next has so many layers and ties to other series it will make your head spin!

Power Rangers #5: Moseying into town

The Boys are trying to act tough and are very much in over their heads. At the bar, Zack starts chatting with Villamax! Yes, the same one who we will eventually meet in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy who will train Trakeena. The Barkeep points them in the direction of who they are looking for and give them a chance to win the parts they need. And right there is where Power Rangers #5 has the potential to go sideways in a hurry.

Back on the Spectrum

Trini and Xi are working on repairs as Drakkon just sits back and watches, lamenting on his back story and how he and Tommy are very close to being the same all it takes is one bad day.

Back in the Bar

Zack’s bravado gets the better of him and thinks he was going to win. He doubles down with his Omega Morpher. Just as the hand is over in storms a Purple haired murder vixen, It’s Astronema! She calls out the disguised Rangers and strikes. the card table is flipped and the mark was holding cards. Fairly simple with extra appendages. The Rangers morph in a huge panel that looks AWESOME! When the fight goes spills out onto the street,, local law enforcement from S.P.D. put an end to the fracas, but…

They also take Jason, Zack, and Astronema into custody. Jason is the first up to be interrogated and denies that he knows Drakkon. The officers replay Zordon’s Galactic message. Astonema and Zack are locked in the same cell and go back and forth with words till punches are thrown. Lazers separates them to either side of the cell.

Power Rangers #5: Origins based in Myth?

Xi was analyzing records and found a philosopher from Edenoi, who may have come across the Red Emissary. He had a vision of the creation of the universe and how the Emmesaries came to be. But where there is light there is shadow and the Empyreals could be the shadows of the Emissaries. With the Blue Emissary being murdered it started the snowball that is leading to the rise of the Empyreals darkness.

Outside the ship, a cloaked figure tries to come up upon the ship but gets in a tussle with Drakkon. Before Xi and Trini join the fight he says he’s not there to fight he introduces himself as Ecliptor and thinks they can help each other.

First, let’s just applaud Ryan Parrot for including so much of the Ranger universe in Power Rangers #5. we got nods to 3 different series! And introducing Astronema pre In Space should be a great way to add to her character. Why Ecliptor isn’t by her side right now. NO one knows! I can’t wait to see what’s coming next! As it stands Power Rangers has the edge on Mighty Morphin.

Covered from Front to Back

All the above covers come with Virgin Variants, too. There is is also a solid blue cover of Power Rangers #5 for you collectors. You can find them in your Local Comic Shop then jump back in the comments and let us know what you thought about the issue!

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