A new teaser for Zack Snyder’s Justice League dropped Tuesday.

Kind of.

The biggest difference from its predecessor?

It was black and white.

We had seen nearly all of the shots before in a previous teaser, before HBO Max pulled the teaser from its social media channels, including YouTube, over music rights issues. It seems that the new teaser (one surely getting around the music rights issues) was primarily released so it could have an Internet presence again.

Some fans got excited anyway, but this fan didn’t enjoy the new teaser as it wasn’t original. However, I did enjoy shot-by-shot breakdowns from Snyder, the miniseries’ director.

Many of Snyder’s Breakdowns Are Enlightening

One that’s especially good is when Snyder talks about a shot of Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane) hugging over Clark Kent/Superman’s (Henry Cavill) death. That’s because Snyder mentions that he experienced a family tragedy himself.

Another one is when Snyder said that he used professional football players to shoot a football scene involving Victor Stone. Stone would later be known as Cyborg (Ray Fisher). The scene also saw artificial snow and bleachers that were constructed for the scene.

This football scene saw professional football players, artificial snow and bleachers constructed for the scene. (photo credit: AT&T)

Another one is where Wonder Woman/Diana Price (Gal Gadot) tells a little girl she can become like the superheroine. Snyder says that he knew he found his Wonder Woman immediately upon watching Gadot audition for the role. He said he felt fortunate that Gadot played the part.

Also, Snyder says that one shot that says “Justice League” holds many clues to the miniseries. He didn’t delve too much into that shot as to not give away too much.

Further, Snyder speaks about a shot of Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) contemplating a view of Superman. It shows Bruce considering if the Justice League should really resurrect Superman.

Additionally, Snyder explains that black-suited Superman is entering at a place that is first seen in Man of Steel.

Another shot of Batman standing on a stone gargoyle is a concept that Snyder says he wanted to portray.

Zack Snyder, director of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, wanted to portray this concept of Batman standing on a stone gargoyle. (photo credit: AT&T)

Also, a shot of Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Jason Momoa) fading back into water was expressive of Momoa, Snyder says.

Some Breakdowns Even Involve Story

One that is intriguing story-wise is when Snyder confirms the main purpose of the miniseries’ primary villain, Darkseid, in invading Earth. It’s because the extraterrestrial is looking for the Anti-Life equation.

DC fans understand that’s basically a weapon to provide an individual with total power over conscious beings. Snyder explains this while breaking down the initial shot of Darkseid in the teaser.

Darkseid “dug the earth up because he felt like the Anti-Life equation was here, and then he had to pound the earth to reveal the Anti-Life equation, which we, in the movie, you see it in a physical form, which is all those patterns of lava that exist on the ground,” Snyder says. He proceeded to say that the patterns would have to be figured out to solve the equation.

What did you think about the new teaser for Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Did you watch Snyder’s scene-by-scene breakdown of the teaser? If so, what did you think of it? Comment below!