Mountain Dew and Gremlins. A match made in Hell, or Heaven, depending on who you ask. The commercial that rocked the nation is back for another collaboration between the two properties. This time around, they’ve worked on a new limited edition Gizmo doll with Mountain Dew branding.

Here’s the statement from Mountain Dew:

NTWRK, the mobile-first video shopping platform, and MTN DEW Zero Sugar have partnered with UK-based design crew, I Love Dust, to celebrate the DZS x Gremlins reunion with the drop of a limited-edition, collectible DZS x Gremlins Gizmo doll, exclusively on the NTWRK app!

More from the press release, Mountain Dew and UK-based design crew I Love Dust to celebrate the partnership.

Retailing for $300, the Gizmo collectible arrives in a vacuum sealed bag and DEW display case, making it easy for fans to follow the three rules: Do not expose Gizmo to light, do not let Gizmo come in contact with water and never feed Gizmo after midnight. Plus to commemorate the DZS partnership, the back of Gizmo’s left ear reads ‘As Good As The Original, Maybe Even Better,’ while the right ear features the MTN DEW Zero Sugar logo.

That’s not a cheap price, but this Gizmo is pretty awesome. If you’re a fan of Mountain Dew products, even better.

Gizmo, Gremlins

Check it out on the NTWRK app when it goes on sale, March 26th.

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