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Batwoman is dying.  Is Ryan’s time in the suit going to be short-lived? Will she get to Coryana in time to get a Desert Rose to save herself?  Will Alice find Kate Kane and if so, at what cost?  Is Kate Kane actually alive or will we get resolution for her story?  These are just a few of the questions I had heading into Sunday’s episode of The CW’s Batwoman episode #208 titled, Survived Much Worse.  To my surprise we finally got the answers to most of these questions and got a glimpse of what the rest of the season will entail.  

All Roads Lead to Coryana

We are now eight episodes into season 2 of the show and it seems to finally be picking up. Our group of heroes are on their way to Coryana. Ryan placed a tracker on Alice’s boot, in hopes to get to Safiyah and find Kate.  All paths align after a few complications, but Batwoman, Alice, Commander  Kane and Sophie all make it to Coryana. 

Secrets are revealed and tempers run high on the island.  Alice brings Safiyah the body of Ocean which is to be her way of getting to see her sister.  All appears to be going to plan until Batwoman shows up and rats out Alice for her deception.  This leads Safiyah to find the real Ocean so she can have Alice kill him for real.  

Risk and Reward 

This episode was all about choices.  Alice must choose between saving Ocean or her sister, Ryan must choose between  a Desert Rose, and hence her life, or Kate Kane.  This next part is a spoiler so skip it if you do not wish to read it.  Alice chooses her sister and kills Ocean, who Safiyah tracked down and had brought back to Coryana.  After she chooses to kill the love of her life, however, she learns that Kate is not actually there, in fact she never was.  

Meanwhile, Commander Kane and Sophie escape capture by the Many Arms. They stumble upon the fields of the Desert Rose.  Before they can get to the fields, however, Alice in her rage of discovering the truth about her sister, burns the fields to the ground.  We learn some more secrets about who framed Safiyah for Kate’s death and see how much revenge can cost.  

Where is Kate Kane?

Back in Gotham Luke and Mary are trying to help Ryan while she is in Coryana, because she has less than a day to live.  They lose contact, but before she leaves on the mission, Ryan asks Mary to keep her plant in case something happens to her.  They are visited by one of the Many Arms. Yet manage to take her down with the help of Julia, who shows up just in time.  This reunion with Julia is not one of good tidings.  Julia came with news about Kate, and tells them they found her body, well, pieces of her body that is. With this revelation we see that they are finally admitting that Kate will not be coming back.  What will follow next week will most likely be Mary and Luke and the rest of the Batwoman crew having to face this truth themselves.  

Looking Forward

After eight episodes I can finally say we are rounding out Kate’s story.  This makes me very glad  because I think this plot arc has been holding the show back.  Let Ryan’s story shine, and move past Kates.  We as viewers all know she is not coming back, and now the show could finally admit it to itself and give closure.  This episode also had better pacing then we’ve seen so far this season, and did not get too complicated with multiple story lines.  I would give it a 4 out of 5.  Without giving away the biggest reveal of this episode, it had a good twist that I didn’t see coming, well a few in fact. 

I am still getting a bit pulled out of the story with the Coryana plot because it all feels very Arrow for me.  In a way this episode felt like a midseason finale, but there is still an episode next week, so maybe they won’t have a midseason finale after all.  In other news, The CW announced they will be recasting Kate Kane and I do not know how to feel about that.  Just when it seems like Ryan will get her moment to truly shine they add another Batwoman? 

I do not know what the verdict is for anyone else, but I think it’s too soon to bring on a second Batwoman.  We are still getting adjusted to a new character as is, so seems a bit premature to me.  Hopefully I will be proved wrong.  To join in with me, you can watch Batwoman on The CW Sundays at 8 pm.  It is also available on Mondays via the CWTV app and  Stay Safe Gotham!