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I thought Kryptonite could only harm Superman, but turns out the Kryptonite shard aka “The Bat Killer”, that Ryan was shot with, is quickly damaging her mind and body and is spreading throughout her body.  Alice is back to her evil plots, and the Crows remain untrustworthy.  Mary needs a Desert Rose to help cure Ryan, and Alice gets some long awaited information about her time on Coryana. 

This weeks episode of The CW’s Batwoman episode #207 titled: It’s Best You Stop Digging, was more focused and had less chaotic energy then the prior episodes of the seasons.  Prior to the start of this episode, I had two hopes.  The first hope I had was that the storyline would become more linear and less chaotic, and the other was that we get a quick resolution to the story of what happened to Kate Kane.  I did get the former, but it does not appear to be the case for the latter.  The story behind the disappearance of Kate Kane is bound to continue for the unforeseen future.  

Lacks Authenticity

Due to the story becoming more centered and not as hard to follow, this episode did feel a bit slow to  me.  I am willing to admit that I found it boring, but not everyone will.  This season, to me, has felt hard to stay invested in.  Either too much happens and my brain gets overloaded, or not enough happens and I get bored.  Still waiting for the show to pick up and not just feel like Arrow’s sloppy seconds.  I would give this episode a 3 out of 5, because it did have some improvement in not taking on too much plot in one episode, but it has a long way to go.  Still waiting for more shock and awe, and intrigue.  As of now, this show is not giving me many  authentic vibes and just feels like recycled, cliche DC TV.  

Hallucinations and Revelations

The only thing fast-paced about this episode was Mary taking a spin in the Batmobile after her and Luke are forced to rescue Batwoman after she goes to find answers about the location of Ocean from Angelique.  Yes, you read that correctly, Mary drove the Batmobile!  Batwoman had to be rescued after being pushed from a building off of the balcony upon visiting a very unwilling to help Angelique. 

Her fleeing to her ex’s house was all done in recklessness, due to hallucinations that Ryan is experiencing due to the damage she took from the Kryptonite shard to her chest in the season premiere.  Also in her kryptonite-induced state, we see her have hallucinations where she confronts Alice after her mom’s murder.  What follows for Ryan is a journey of self-discovery and revealing of her dark nature.  The story of Ryan is far more intriguing than any other plot this season thus far.  

Alice Origins 

Next on the agenda we learned some more about Alice’s first arrival at the island of Coryana and with Safiyah.  These flashbacks just seem very reminiscent of Arrow’s early seasons, an island that is the origin story for it’s characters, a villain in the darkness, and secrets that need to be kept.  This show, and Alice’s arc, is following closely in Arrow’s footsteps instead of bringing something different to the show. 

It even has the same visual look in the flashbacks and constantly relies on flashbacks to tell the story.  Alice interrogates Safiyah’s right hand woman, Tatiana (Leah Gibson), to get more information about her past. Through the interrogation Alice learns that Ocean stole a Desert Rose to try and get away from Coryana and help the world get access to the power of the Desert Rose.  It is in this we see the relationship that Ocean and Alice/Beth had and why their memories were erased. 

Through these revelations we learn about Alice’s origins as a gang leader and why she became who she is now.  My problem with this is, why are we spending more time on Alice then on Batwoman?  Is the show not called Batwoman after all?  After getting the information she needs, Alice is met by Batwoman in the confrontation we have all been waiting for.  We also get a fight scene, which this season has not had many of so far.

All Paths Lead to Safiyah

As for the Crows and Team Batwoman, it was relatively quiet this week. As Mary and Luke are now trying to convince Ryan not to pursue a life of vengeance.  However, will an alliance soon form between Team Batwoman and Alice in order to find the truth about Coryana and fight the greater risk which is Safiyah and her Army?  To find out, stay tuned to Batwoman only on The CW on Sundays at 8 PM.  Also available on Monday on both the CWTV app and  I’ll also be here all season with my reviews!  Stay safe Gotham and everyone in its surrounding regions of the world!