True-crime is all the rage. But there are wrinkles to the genre that haven’t been explored fully yet. Starz is looking to change that with their new docuseries, Confronting A Serial Killer. This new series shines a light on the under looked aspects of criminal justice. More specifically, racial and gender bias against victims from marginalized communities. The series premieres on Starz, April 18th.

Across five episodes it tells the story of the relationship between author Jillian Lauren and the most prolific serial killer in American history, Samuel Little. She races against the clock to identify his victims and Little’s darkest secrets. As she uncovers horrifying secrets, she quickly realizes that she could end up as Little’s final victim, psychologically.

Through the lens of Lauren, law enforcement, investigators, survivors, victim’s family members, and others, Confronting A Serial Killer brings to light the systemic issues with the criminal justice system. The series comes from Academy Award winning producer Joe Berlinger.

With so much true-crime coming to streaming services, it’s almost like an arms race to see who can get the best stories told. This one seems like it’s skipping over that. Learning the facts, and the implicit biases of the criminal justice system could do people some good.

You can check out the trailer for Confronting A Serial Killer right here.