In the original series The Last Witch from author Conor McCreery, young Saoirse discovers the birthmark across her shoulder is actually a witchmark, which allows her to resist dark magick… and take it for herself. She must learn to control her power, or the Cailleach and her handmaidens will release the Eater of Worlds from the faerie lands, destroying all life on the planet.

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The Last Witch #3 Review

Issue #3 of The Last Witch continues to keep the magical stakes high – and the displays of magic even higher.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love how jam-packed with magic this series is. You don’t have to dig deep to see little hints of magic. It’s front and center, ready to blow your mind.

This issue presents us with another adversary for Saoirse. Bronagh the water witch may not have the creepy teeth and child-eating tendencies of Black Annis, but she also seems more powerful. (Bronagh had some evil minions too, and who doesn’t love that?)

Water vs. fire is a classic dynamic, and it was fun to see that battle play out between Saoirse and Bronagh. Again, The Last Witch is a great visual story. Seeing water and fire clash on the page so spectacularly really draws you into the action.

And while magic ostensibly drives the story, it’s also heavily a character-driven one. The third issue really gives us a look inside Saoirse’s mind into how she’s coping with her newfound power. We see her struggle to come to terms with how to do what’s right. She definitely understands the real consequences of using magic, and she worries about the responsibility of it. And in seeing her struggle with this one village, we as an audience know this story will confront the idea of “the greater good.” What sacrifices will Saoirse have to make in order to save the world?

Basically, the latest issue of The Last Witch continues all the best elements from the first two – stunning visuals, impressive magic, a folklore throughline – and expands on character development to boot. 

The Bottom Line

If you love magical stories and you’re not reading The Last Witch already, what are you doing? 

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