I love how the showrunners continue to create Superman and Lois. This is a ‘superhero’ show, yet it focuses on one thing first and foremost – family. The priorities seem to be family, Lois and then Superman, which makes it really stand apart from the other CW shows and superhero shows in general. This third episode seemed to focus on super teens and super hormones as all three child stars struggle with who they are, and in Jonathan’s case, who they are not.

No one’s life seems to be going right. Jonathan suffers for Jordan’s issues. Jordan suffers from ‘not Superman enough’ issues and Sarah suffers claustrophobia from her overprotective and controlling mother, but by the end of the show, all three seem to find some measure of peace and the ability to move forward.

Super Teens, Super Hormones – Pushed Out

Of the three Jonathan may have it the easiest, but even that’s not great. The football jocks pick on him because Jordan kissed Sam, and he seems to get sucked up into Jordan’s emotional messes. Jonathan even gets sent to his room after Jordan blows up at Clark, but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

He becomes a moderator and negotiator of sorts, especially when news finally reaches Clark that Jordan joined the football team. Football was supposed to be Jonathan’s thing, but now Jordan is becoming the hot shot because of his super powers. He may not be Superman strong, but he’s still strong enough to kick kids around on the football field with ease.

Despite losing ‘his sport’ Jonathan sees footballs actually means something to Jordan and its helping him actually be happy for once. He makes sure to tell dad this, so Clark can know it’s not just a rebellion. I can’t help but think something bigger is in store for Jonathan. At some point his time will come.

Super Teens, Super Hormones – Finding a Home

Jordan has a mental illness. I think it’s important for viewers to remember this. A lot of Jordan’s actions seem like normal teenage stuff, but the illness behind it will always drive him to the edge. He starts out with Football because he wants to show up the bullies, and its the one way he can hit back and not get in trouble. Clark already had to stop him once from striking out in anger.

But as Jonathan notices, Jordan actually starts to enjoy the sport and wants to succeed. Jordan studies the playbook when no one is watching and perhaps the biggest moment comes when he gets to lay out Sarah’s now ex-boyfriend. Jordan is the one who gets called out, but when he lays Sarah’s boyfriend on his ass, he apologizes for the kiss and offers a hand up. Pretty cool move.

The one thing we have to wonder, though, is will Jordan be able to maintain his secrecy? Great players can show others up, but even they make mistakes. Will Jordan learn when to take a dive or fail on purpose before exposing himself? Good thing dad is now the waterboy. The scene at the end where Clark and Jordan carry the water jug was cute.

Super Teens, Super Hormones – Learning the Language

Parenting rule 101 – Kids and parents speak different languages. Sarah and Lana might as well speak English and Latin because they are on completely different pages when it comes to life. Sarah sees the world as a normal teen might, but momma Lang hovers, controls and manipulates Sarah’s every movement, but in the end is Lana so wrong?

Sarah did try to commit suicide. That action haunts Lana’s every waking moment. Could it happen again? It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Sarah did it and moved on, but for Lana it’s not so easy. Lana’s question out of love and concern are seen as overbearing and obtrusive by Sarah. Not to mention the Lang/Cushing home seems to be disintegrating. Expect a divorce between Lana and Kyle before too long.

But finally they find their Rosetta stone. Lana sits down with Sarah and bears her soul and feelings. This in turn gives Sarah the ability to let her feelings out as well. Simple communication can be a wonderful thing. At last they are on the same page.

Super Teens, Super Hormones – Don’t Forget the Parents

Of course while most of the show centered on the teens and their issues, Lois and Clark had their issues as well. Lana continues to dig for dirt on Morgan Edge. She finally finds a witness whose son disappeared. After some investigation Lois discovered other people went missing. Edge should have known when he took over the Planet that Lois would be his downfall. It takes more than an exploding car to stop Lois Lane.

Edge (we assume) apparently figured this as well, but we will come back to that in a second. Lois goes to find her witness and ensure her safety when all hell breaks loose. After some crazy events, she and her ‘new boss’ also get on the same page. Together they realize they are uncovering something much bigger than either thought possible.

Super Teens, Super Hormones – Wait! Wut…Wut…What Was That?!

Clark spends most of this episode trying to be a protective dad and finding a way to balance fatherhood with Superman. He stops Jordan from using his powers on Sarah’s bullying boyfriend, but of course the kids see that as spying. Nothing seems to really work between Clark and Jordan until he, too, opens up about his past and has a heart to heart with Jordan about how his dad forbade him from sports.

Then we have Superman. We get a nice little scene where he rushes out of a family paint fight to save a collapsing bridge (love the reaction of the guy in the boat), but that’s about it…until the end. Lois of course needs saving from the guy trying to kill her witness, so she radios Superman with her call button. Superman shows up and belts the thug through a couple of walls. All done right? Nope!

If I were punched through a few walls I wouldn’t be getting up, but this guy not only stands right up but proceeds to kick the crap out of Superman! WTF! Who is this guy and where did he come from? This thug uses super human strength, but he seems to lack Superman’s other gifts. Kal gets smart and uses his freezing breath and speed to out duel the guy and punch him through another wall. Sadly, he has to let the guy escape so he can help Lois’ witness to the hospital.

Super Teens, Super Hormones – ….Oh Crap!

If you thought a person going toe-to-toe in a slugfest with Superman was crazy, it gets even better! Villain bosses generally do not like their goons failing. It usually doesn’t end well for the minion. You would think having Superman level strength would make you desirable enough not to be 86’d, but nope.

‘Lar’, someone the thug knows, stands in front of his car and proceeds to ocularly discharge with extreme prejudice. She fries him with her laser eyes! Who are these people and where are they coming from?! Does Edge have a farm of superhumans somewhere?? If you listen to ‘Lar’ at the very end she says shell get the team together. Holy Crap! Maybe he does have a superhuman farm. One thing that may be important going forward is so far these new super humans have only shown one power each. They may possess a cool power but be extremely limited in other ways. Things just got very interesting in Smallville.