Infinite Frontier 0 relaunched nearly every aspect of the DC universe. Diana’s relaunch was affected more than most. In Future State we witnessed Diana sacrifice herself to restart the universe. In Infinite Frontier, the Quintessence offered her ascension, but she refused. She instead chose to reenter the real world. In Wonder Woman 770, we find out she may have missed the mark. Instead of Olympus or Themyscira or Earth, Diana finds herself in Asgard! While he’s not exactly Chris Hemsworth, Thor does make an appearance!

Diana comes to in the middle of a raging battle only to discover she somehow materialized in Asgard, where warriors fight in glorious battles all day. They fight for glory and for the battle itself! If you die? No big deal. This is Asgard. You simply wake up for the evening meal and revelry before starting it all over again the following morning.

It feels wrong to Diana at first, but the warrior blood in her cries out and soon she jumps in, swinging with the best of them. Of course along the way she meets a boy. Could there be more than friendship? Perhaps but one night he does not return, and Diana begins to learn all is not well in Asgard thanks to a talking squirrel named Ratatosk. Yes. This is where things get really weird.

Wonder Woman 770 – Ragnarok Comes

Diana learns warriors are going missing because the Valkyries are disappearing. Without them the souls of the dead wander lost forever. For Ratatosk to help with the Valkyries, Diana must first help cure Yggdrasil. Only then will she be able to get Siegfried back. Sounds simple enough for an immortal warrior goddess, but Diana remembers next to nothing of her former life.

In fact a ghost haunts Diana’s dreams. It moves like Superman but lacks a cape. It can’t be Spectre because he died with the Quintessence from Darkseid’s hand. Whoever this phantasm is, it’s trying to coax Diana back to the real world.

This story feels much fresher than the stories they had going on pre-Future State. Diana sports her new outfit, although I think they tweaked it with some Viking trim for Valhalla. I wonder how many mythological backdrops she will appear in before making it home again. Could she head to Egypt next? We shall see, but first she must cure the world tree and stop Ragnarok.

Wonder Woman 770 – The Other Story

These extra stories at the end of main titles are really hit and miss. Some are fabulous like the Red Hood story at the end of Batman 106, but too often they really don’t add much and are not that good. Sadly, this tale is pretty subpar.

Its the tale of a young Diana and her kangaroo, Jumpa (no I’m not making this up). It’s Diana’s birthday and she’s tired of being a kid. She wants to be more grown up. The artwork changes into a much more childish format and the story itself drops in reading level. It adds nothing to the overall comic. If you want to do a comic targeting younger girls using the child Diana, fine. Create a title specifically for that. It’s a waste of space here.

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