The Exciting conclusion is upon us right before we step into the next iteration of UNLIMITED POWER. PLUS, we finally get an answer WHO IS THE NEW GREEN RANGER!

We have already said in the preview pages that the team is up against a wall trying to fight Zedd’s Dark Rangers and their new TERRORZORDS. but what comes next is something we’ve suspected all along.

SOME Spoilers ahead

The New Green Ranger comes in a lays the smackdown on Lord Zedd destroying the Green Chaos Crystal. The Rangers believed it was some sort of interference from Zordon and Alpha. Negative is was the new guy that no one saw except for Zedd.

We also come to find out that his energy isn’t the same as the regular rangers when Zedd mentions that his power is more chaotic knowing that he wasn’t one of Zordon’s rangers. THAT’S RIGHT in fact he was created with the assistance of Grace Sterling and works for her!

As much as I want to say that this was a finale, it’s not; this is just one big plot device to get you to the new series. Boom didn’t send over new art or images this time and I’m not going to spoil EVERYTHING from this issue you just have to pick it up today at your local comic shop. But TRUST me when I say you won’t be disappointed!

Are you just as excited about this new Green Ranger as we are? Do you have any idea who he could be?

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