They say great shows give you exactly what you expect, yet blow you away in the delivery. Using that definition the finale to WandaVision did not disappoint in the least. There were zero surprises, zero hidden plot details, yet this final episode wraps up one great series. I’ll let experts debate where the different plot strings will lead us as I know little of Marvel (no these are not ‘plot holes’), but we saw plenty that made this an emotional powerhouse of a finale.

Perhaps the only ‘downside’ (if you can even call it that) came from the lack of use of Darcy and Monica. For Monica, the answer is simple enough. This isn’t her show. She will get her story in the movies, mainly Captain Marvel 2, so the fact we get to look forward to her character being flushed out can actually be a positive. Darcy needs to resurface somewhere. Maybe if Jimmy Woo gets a spinoff they can pop her in there, but if you are only going to give Darcy one scene, that was the perfect scene to give her. “Have fun in prison.”

WandaVision; Emotional Powerhouse
“You have no idea what you’ve unleashed. You’ll need me.”

Kathryn Hahn shines in this episode as Agnes, and thankfully, we have not seen the last of her. She puts such a great nuance on Agatha that her return becomes a must! I’m sure Doctor Strange 2 will use her well. Agatha knows things the good guys will need. Perhaps the best part of Hahn’s performance sines through Agatha’s desires. How evil is Agatha? Power-hungry? yes. Ruthless? To be sure, yet Hahn gives Agatha qualities that do not paint her as entirely evil either.

Emotional Powerhouse – Olsen and Bettany Shine

After big shows/movies release, fans (and studio execs) immediately begin campaigning for awards. Shows may be really good, but they seldom deserve the hype. I honestly believe both Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany need recognition for their performances. Perhaps the most brilliant parts of their performances came from the fact we knew what was coming. Neither was able to use some new revelation to WOW us. They used their acting abilities to sell us 100% on what we knew would happen.

They each gave us something different as well. Olsen needed to sell us on Wanda’s pain and anger and love altogether. The raw emotion of someone who’s seen so much never comes out easy. She did it very well. Bettany on the other hand was called upon to act against himself! How do you act Vision V Vision when they need to act the same yet different. His inflections gave both sides of the same character similarity yet contrast. He puts such a wonderful soul into the ‘original Vision’. He always has. Who has what planks again?

WandaVision; Emotional Powerhouse

Also, did you notice the eyes as the two Visions discussed the real ship? Phantom Vision’s eyes are wider, soulful, kind. The white Vision’s eyes look more narrow and cold, heartless. The same actor giving such subtle differences.

Emotional Powerhouse – Visuals Set a New Bar

Between The Mandalorian and now WandaVision, the future of television special effects will now be held to a higher bar. We enjoy movie-quality effects on the little screen now. The Hex, the witchcraft, the aerial fights, it all looks so amazing in this last episode and has for the entirety of the show.

Even the nuances in make-up stood out. The simple things like character looks of course looked amazing, but if you watch even the black on Agatha’s fingers comes and goes depending on the story. Wanda’s hands and her aging also looked amazing. They may be little things, but those little things really add to a story.

One of the best subtle story points came in the Agatha v. Wanda fight in the end. Wanda looks tired. Her attacks drain her with each throw, so of course, she’ll miss Agatha from time to time, but they do a nice shot of the outside. We see Wanda’s blasts hitting different sides of the Hex. It seems like nothing until we learn about the hexes. A very subtle and brilliant move.

Emotional Powerhouse – The Scarlet Witch Is Born!

While we discuss visuals, how do we not mention the Scarlet Witch outfit! The comic suit looks so outrageous, Marvel has been wise to steer clear of it. Wanda’s outfits so far give nice little hints at the original, but wisely steer clear of the actual outfit. The hokey Halloween outfit a few episodes back really should be as close as they come to the comics.

Then the finale happened and holy crap! Not only do they manage a new, kick-ass suit, but it’s the epitome of the comic book outfit. It looks not only accurate but 100% believable as well! Even the headpiece! May we get lots of the new look in the movies to come!

Emotional Powerhouse – The Strongest Avenger

For a while now, talk persisted about who was truly the strongest Avenger. Thor because he’s a god? Captain Marvel because of her infinity stone-based powers? Wanda because of her ‘magic’? We now have proof of what was obvious all along. Oh, and frak the powers!

Wanda proved she deserves the title not because she warps reality and beats up bad guys wearing infinity stones. No. Wanda’s true strength lies within. Look at her history (last episode). She watched her parents die and remained stuck in the destroyed house for days. Her anger made her side with a machine of destruction until she saw his true purpose. She saw her brother gunned down. She killed the being she loved to save the universe only to watch him be reborn and have the mind stone ripped from his body, killing him a second time. Would you not retreat into your own reality if you could? But then we get this final episode.

WandaVIsion; Emotional Powerhouse

She realizes, however it started, she does control people and events in Westview. She knows what she must sacrifice to make things right again. Let’s put it this way. She does what Boromir could not. She does what Anakin Skywalker could not. She lets go.

How do you tuck your kids into bed knowing you will never see them again? How do you say goodbye to the one you love for the third time only to return to an empty foundation of an unrealized and never obtainable future? This is true power, and it’s why she is truly the strongest Avenger.

You are my sadness, and my hope, but mostly you’re my love.

Emotional Powerhouse – The Future?

A great many people want a season 2 of WandaVision. It certainly deserves it, but WandaVision holds a unique place in storytelling. Kenobi began production and exes only plan for one season, but if fans love it and the demand reaches a high enough level, they can certainly do a second season. The stories around Kenobi and that timeframe are inert. Creators need not worry about crossing stories with other projects.

With WandaVision, their story continues, but it’s called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. They cannot do WandaVision 2 because their story isn’t finished yet. Perhaps a day may come where the MCU no longer needs Wanda and Vision to save the day. Maybe then we can get more of WandaVision, but may that day be far away. I’m quite happy knowing Wanda and Vision will endure in the MCU awhile longer.

What stood out to you in the WandaVision finale? What emotional points or WOW! moments really drove home their points? Let us know either here or on Facebook as we twiddle our thumbs for the next year until this awesome duo returns in Doctor Strange 2.