Professor Hulk is here to help deliver some scoops and information on the film and TV industry. This week, we’re going to be talking about some Spider-Man: No Way Home/Spider-Man 4 news.

Many of us are hyped to see a live action Spider-Verse happen on screen. However, there are lot of casting rumors out there that sound a little…. weird. I’ll say this: a lot of them are true. We’re set to see Spider-Verse and it’s an interesting and exciting time for Marvel and Spider-Man fans.

Spider-Man; Avengers: Endgame; Far From Home
Spider-Man in Far From Home. (IMage: Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios)

It also is an interesting predicament Marvel and Sony find themselves in. Spider-Man: Homecoming made over $880 Million, and Spider-Man: Far From Home made over $1.1 Billion. It’s safe to assume that a movie also starring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield could easily crack $1.5 Billion. This is not a cash cow that Marvel or Sony want to walk away from. However, you have the current actor who’s rapidly aging out of the role. Tom Holland is approaching 25 years of age this year. You also have director Jon Watts who’s being shifted over to Fantastic Four. That will presumably tie him up for 4-6 years depending on possible sequels and other projects.

Sony And Marvel Coexisting With Separate Universes

So where does that leave Spider-Man? Well that was a huge point of contention during the Sony/Marvel re-negotiations that happened a while back. They want to future proof this franchise. So yes, No Way Home is going to have a lot of Spider-Verse stuff. However, it’s also going to set up the future of Spider-Man. We have exclusively learned that Marvel and Sony will take Tom Holland’s Spider-Man franchise and spinoff a separate Miles Morales Spider-Man franchise. That means splitting the franchise in two.

Miles Morales Is Heading To The MCU

Image: Sony Pictures Animation

From what I’ve heard from reliable sources, Marvel is looking to create two Spider-Man franchises. One will continue Peter Parker’s story, this time with him in university. The other will focus on Miles Morales. It’s said that Marvel is keen to use Miles in their upcoming Young Avengers project, and see a lot of value in him.

From what I’ve heard from my sources, No Way Home is going to provide us a much clearer roadmap for Spider-Man in the MCU. I’ve also heard reports that Spider-Man 4 will film back to back with No Way Home. (We have yet to corroborate this, though, and will keep digging to get more information.) Either way, Marvel is already looking for writers and directors for these two franchises. Peter and Miles have two completely different stories. They want writers and directors who can bring a distinct voice to each character.

Marvel and Sony, according to sources, also are concerned about branding. They’re worried that having two Spider-Man franchises at the same time will confuse some general audience members. Having a strong vision behind each is their primary strategy.

Image: Sony Pictures Animation

There are vague ideas of bringing the two together for some sort of Spider-Men crossover, but that’s years down the line with no solid story ideas to speak of.

So while we near the end of Jon Watt’s time as Director, or Peter’s time in High School, there is still a bright future for Spider-Man at Marvel Studios. Both Sony and Marvel Studios have plans in place to ensure that the web-crawler(s) will be entertaining us for years to come.