Sepultura Collabs With The Hundreds For Their 40th Anniversary

Being the most famous and well-known Brazilian heavy metal band is a badge of honor for Sepultura. They formed in 1984 and have sold over 20 million records across the world. After 15 albums, the band is still going strong. For that 40th anniversary celebration, they’re partnering with LA based company, The Hundreds on a new clothing line. It includes graphic t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, pullovers, hats, and accessories.

You can pick up the entire collection on Thursday, February 25th on The Hundreds website or their app. If you’re in Los Angeles, you can also make the trek to their official store on Fairfax. The band actually sat down with The Hundreds to discuss their career, music, and the importance of merch to a band and it’s fans. You can check out that interview here.

Sepultura released their latest album, Quadra last year from Nuclear Blast Records. You can pick that album up, here.

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By Hunter Bolding

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