The Gloaming – the space between life and death. In a new Starz series, two detectives will find themselves influenced by the spirits that linger there.

Check out the trailer for the new series below.

Here’s the official description from Starz:

When a woman is found brutally killed, the clues surrounding her death connect to murders both past and present. Political corruption and shady business dealings intertwine with sinister crimes and occult practices. At the center of this web are two detectives, Molly McGee (played by Emma Booth, Once Upon a Time) and Alex O’Connell (played by Ewen Leslie, Top of the Lake) who share a tragic past. In a harrowing journey to find the truth, their fate is coerced by the ghosts of the unsettled dead that linger in the liminal space between life and death — known as “The Gloaming.”

The Gloaming also stars Martin Henderson as Gareth McAvaney, Aaron Pedersen as Inspector Lewis Grimshaw, Rena Owen as Grace Cochrane, Josephine Blazier as Lily Broomhall, and Matt Testro as Freddie Hopkins.

The series comes from showrunner Victoria Madden (The Kettering Incident). Internationally renowned Australian talent will direct, including Greg McLean (Wolf Creek), Michael Rymer (Hannibal, American Horror Story) and Sian Davies (Wentworth). 

The Gloaming filmed all eight episodes on location across Tasmania, Australia. The limited series premieres on Starz Sunday, March 21.

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Source: Starz