BlizzCon is coming next weekend as an online event. We just recently got the full schedule for the event, and Blizzard had an interesting special event happening next Saturday during the digital event.

So for those who remember, last March, Blizzard teamed up with Critical Role for their DOOM One-Shot.

Well next week at BlizzCon, Blizzard and Critical Role are teaming up again, this time for a Diablo One-Shot.

Now, this one-shot is set for Saturday, February 20th at 2:45 PM PST on the Blizzard Channel. It will be available to view after the event airs.

As for the cast, DMing through this story is as always Matt Mercer. The Crit Role cast members joining us this time are Laura Bailey, Marisha Ray, and Liam O’Brien. The 2 special guests that are joining this adventure are Mica Burton, who is a host for Overwatch League, and she also hosts Critter Hug with Matt. And the other special guest is Carlos Luna, who is the Content Producer at Roll20.

In today’s newsletter from Critical Roll, we did get a sneak peek at the character art for everyone’s characters:


And yesterday on the Blizzcon schedule, we did get the description for the one-shot:

Critical Role hosts a custom Diablo-themed adventure about a band of warriors pursuing whispered rumors of something ancient and evil stirring beneath the ruins of Old Tristram.

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