[UPDATED] One of the chief complaints of the Star Wars sequel trilogy was its writing. (The Last Jedi’s entire plot centered the physics-defying, seemingly slowest chase scene in film history, for example.) Likewise, fans tripped over themselves to get a copy of Colin Trevorrow’s treatment for Episode IX. Many thought his version far exceed the Abrams version we received. With so much criticism, most folks tend to lose site of the fact that this is still Star Wars, and that we should have fun with it. In doing just that, i.e. having some fun with Star Wars and not taking it all too seriously, one group of creative folks decided to let artificial intelligence write Star Wars and see what happens. The result? They recorded a table read of their A.I.-generated version of Star Wars Episode X and, well….

Finn; John Boyega; Trevorrow; Rise of Skywalker
Concept art from Colin Trevorrow’s Star Wars: Episode IX – Duel of the Fates.
(Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

This gem of entertainment comes from the folks over at the Blue Bantha Milk Co. YouTube channel. As they describe it, they provided the “A.I. the scripts for episodes 1-9, wrote an opening crawl, and let the AI (mostly) do the rest.” The end result was a full script for what would/could be Star Wars Episode X. Things turned out about as well as you might imagine.

A.I. writes hysterically odd script for Star Wars Episode X

Some in the fan based lauded The Last Jedi because it “did something different.” Well, if it’s different you want, then the A.I. version of Star Wars Episode X is going to be right up your alley. There are some truly bizarre scenes, for sure. One, in particular, features “a bikini-clad Sith pirate girl” jumping on Chewbacca. That one is especially interesting considering the A.I. had no context from Star Wars Legends. Still, even A.I., it seems, wants to see Darth Talon in live-action.

Darth Maul; Darth Talon; Star Wars Episode X
Image: Dark Horse Comics

In addition to the writing, a good part of the humor of all this rests with the reactions of those reading the nonsensical Star Wars Episode X script. And this video only has half of it – the *exciting* conclusion doesn’t drop until this Saturday.  We’ll be following up, but encourage you to also check it out and let us know your reactions.

Source: Game Rant

*Article updated with input from the fine folks at Blue Bantha Milk Co to clarify their reasoning for producing their A.I. version of Star Wars.