Two more directors now join the list of people directing Andor episodes: Benjamin Caron and Susanna White. It seems that Disney is determined to hire locally here. At least, according to Discussing Film.

Benjamin Caron: new director for Andor.
The man himself, striking a cool(?) pose.

Benjamin Caron is an award-winning English director, specifically for television. Caron directed episodes for Sherlock, The Crown, Wallander, and other TV series. His most notable work was “The Heist”: a one-hour TV special for Channel 4, where the host attempts to persuade a group of businessmen and businesswomen to commit crimes. The special was a nominee for a BAFTA in the category of Best Entertainment Programme. It seems like a decent resume for Andor here.

Susanna White: a great new choice for Andor.
And now for a much more well-known figure.

Susanna White seems to be a more well-known figure in the directing business, personally speaking. She directed Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang and Our Kind of Traitor. Both films got good reviews from critics. As for television experiences, White has that covered too. She directed Jane Eyre, which was an Emmy nominee. She also directed Bleak House, which actually got a BAFTA award for best serial drama. Most importantly though, she directed four episodes of Generation Kill. Considering how Andor is basically a war series, this might be the most important of White’s credentials.

Andor: A Star Wars Generation Kill?

Andor logo.
I see fire…I think.

Susanna White’s involvement given her past work on Generation Kill is an exciting new step for Andor. Generation Kill was a war drama showing how the 2003 Invasion of Iraq affected the lives of a group of US Marines fighting in it. Which is to say: not well. Even though they were on the winning side.

Generation Kill logo.
You know when you see a logo like this, you expect Vietnam-level shit.

Considering that the Rebel Alliance is basically a group of insurgents, Cassian Andor’s experience would be a bit different from those Marines. It’s almost like Generation Kill, but from the perspective of the Iraqi soldiers. Now if that doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what would. If the show does go that route, it’d certainly be a darker and grittier portrayal of the Rebellion. I’d certainly watch a Star Wars war drama series if you ask me.


Benjamin Caron and Susanna White just signed up to direct episodes for Andor. Not sure what the former is planning to do, but the latter’s involvement suggests Generation Kill-level antics are in store for Disney’s prequel series to Rogue One. If you’re at all interested, catch this upcoming new Star Wars series on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

Source: Discussing Film