You may have noticed a few reports of residents in the UK town of Little Marlow that were upset about sets being built there for the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Also, these reports have revealed pictures of this set as well. Well, thanks to we now know that that some of this was false, and it is actually the set for the upcoming Cassian Andor series.

The Article From The Scottish Sun

The reveal of this set came a few days ago when The Scottish Sun reported that the residents of the UK town of Little Marlow were upset about the Obi-Wan Kenobi set being in their quiet little town. The Sun also posted aerial shots of the set as well.

Cassian Andor
Photo Credit: The Scottish Sun

“This is a massive production and a hugely lucrative franchise – but obviously not everyone locally is pleased to see Disney moving in.”

“It might generate some jobs, but this is a pretty rural area which has always been quiet and peaceful – the thought of turning it into some sort of intergalactic war zone to make TV shows is horrifying.

“The set is massive, with great big buildings on it alongside loads of heavy-duty machinery coming and going – it’s just totally out of keeping with the countryside vibe here and people are up in arms about it.”

Source: The Scottish Sun
Cassian Andor
Photo Credit: The Scottish Sun

It Is Not The Set Of Kenobi

Well, thanks to Fantha tracks, they were able to weed out the fact from the fiction in this story. It turns out it was not the set for the new Kenobi series but is actually the set for the Cassian Andor series.

“Fantha Tracks have reviewed public records for the site, and we have been able to confirm that the set is in fact for ‘Andor.’ Whilst we won’t publish correspondence we have seen that confirms this as we wish to protect the private contact details of the people involved in the deal, we can show you picture proof that it is the Andor set below.”

Cassian Andor set
Andor Set Plans: Credit Fantha Tracks

Not only were they able to confirm that this is the set for the new Andor Disney+series, but Fantha Tracks also revealed proof from the sizzle reel! They point out that if you watch at the 54 seconds and 1-minute 25-second marks you can find the areas on the set that matches up with the sizzle reel. You can see more on this by heading to

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Sources: Fantha Tracks and The Scottish Sun