In the first issue, we learn that Barry Allen, Bart Allen, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, and Avery Ho began collecting the weapons of their fiercest enemies in an attempt to save Wally West. Battling their rogues gallery with no connection to the Speed Force proved too much and they lost Bart on a mission. Later in the story, Jay perishes as they confronted Wally only to learn he is not in control of his body. With no other choice, Barry begins his Hail Mary plan.

How Far Would You Go To Keep Hope Alive

In The Flash #2 we pick up two months after Barry began experimenting with the weapons of his foes. Allen upgrades and repurposes each one with the hope he can save his protégé and friend Wally. This hope leads men to desperate actions and The Flash is no exception.

We hear Barry’s inner monologue explaining his desire and regret as he recounts the fate and status of Team Flash. Following Wally’s path of destruction, he keeps track of the horror that is left in his wake. Grasping onto the hope that his friend is still fighting for control, Barry prepares for a battle.

The Flash

The Future of Future State: The Flash

DC’s newest storyline is an ambitious one. Taking place in an alternate future after the events of Dark Knights: Death Metal we see familiar and new heroes. Weaving the characters and events for the Flash run is writer Brandon Vietti. Issue #1 introduces the Death Race story excellently. Issue #2 lacks a certain draw from its previous counterpart. Whether it’s the lack of extra characters or the amount of dialogue, primarily from Barry, this feels like they tripped before the finish line. Artists Brandon Peterson and Will Conrad did an excellent job portraying the battle and emotion between Barry and Wally.

So, what did you think of issue #2? Am I wrong in my critique?

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