Future State continues in DC Comics. This week we get Superman Wonder Woman 1, but don’t think you know what that means. Clark Kent and Diana Prince are gone. Jon Kent and Yara now take their places. Jon still oversees Metropolis, but Yara serves the people of South America, namely Brazil in this issue. Not only do they patrol their cities, but it appears the gods exist once more. What better problem for these two to team up for than to combat – a rogue sun?!

From the point of view of this title, Kuat controls Earth’s sun. He also runs a farm outside Sao Paulo with his brother, Moon. Sound weird yet? It gets better, for one day Jon and Yara walk outside to find a second sun in the sky, Solaris.

Kuat and Solaris square off when Kuat takes offense to Solaris being in his sky. How do they settle it? A race across the sky of course. The fastest wins. Unfortunately, Kuat’s flaming horse trips, so instead they have a burn off to see who is the hottest. Kuat seems to win, but then he fades out of the panel, and Solaris, while recuperating says he can continue in 22 hours.

Naturally, two stars competing in the heavens wreaks havoc on the world below. Yara and Jon attempt to clean up the mess as best they can, but it’s not enough. Superman decides to challenge Solaris to a duel, winner takes all. There seems to be quite the history between these two.

One problem. Kryptonian power on earth is derived from the sun, the yellow sun. Despite assuring Yara he is fine, Jon’s powers wane and he does not appear to be up for the challenge.

Superman Wonder Woman 1 – Enter the Superheroes

If you want to call Clark Kent a boy scout, I do not know what you call Jon, an eagle scout? Jon starts his mornings by using his laser vision to carve the words ‘good morning Metropolis’ out of the clouds. We do not see much of his world, but the way they depict his actions, he appears to have an easy time of things. Peace reigns in Metropolis.

Jon Kent is the son of Clark and Lois. How his powers differ for being half-human is never explained, but he appears to possess the powers and weaknesses of Kal-El. This will be interesting going forward as Wonder Woman can’t exactly fight a star, so how Yara helps Jon should be interesting.

Yara Flor takes the mantle of the Brazillian Amazon guardian. Apparently, Wonder Woman is a group title now. She comes across as young, hot-headed, and by self-admission, not a strong user of moderation. The perfect example of this comes when she saves Councilman Soasa from a helicopter crash. He did nothing wrong. The twin suns blinded the pilot, yet she pulls him from the chopper and berates him for not fixing the roads. A few frames later, the councilman and his pilot are writing sentences on their chopper like a couple of grade-schoolers. Yara’s presence is refreshing to comics, and I highly suggest you pick up Wonder Woman 1 from last week.

In the end, this title does not feel needed, especially when each has their own title in the Future State series. They share very little time together in this issue, but I assume that will change as it moves forward. If you like Superman this title hits home, and I’ll take anything with Yara Flor!

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