The Xbox Series X launched with some pretty standard colors for controllers. That is, until they announced the Shock Blue controller. Drawing comparisons to Sonic the Hedgehog, that controller would naturally need a red pairing. Meet the Pulse Red Xbox Wireless controller. It’s a standard version of the updated Xbox Series X model of controller, but with a hot new paintjob. You can connect this one to your Series X, Series S, Xbox One, PC, and Android devices.

Pulse Red

The best part about this, is that on PC, you can play wirelessly. In addition, the controller will remember multiple sources, so you don’t have to keep updating it whenever you switch devices. The Pulse Red controller releases on February 9th in most markets for $64.99. I know I’ll be grabbing one to go with the black Series X controller I have. Check out the Xbox Wire post here, for more information about the controller.

Pulse Red

If this controller is as popular as the Shock Blue model, you’ll want to grab it as soon as possible.

So, what do you think of this new model of the Xbox controller? I’m a fan of the styles that they’ve picked out so far.

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