If you are a Star Wars comic collector and a fan of Boba Fett, then you might want to get your hands on a copy of the 1980 Marvel Comics Star Wars #42. According to Key Collector Comics, Star Wars #42 is number 1 on their hotlist. This comic featuring the 1st appearance of Boba Fett and cameos of Emperor Palpatine, Dengar, Bossk, IG-88, and Zuckuss has seen record sales prices the past few weeks.

Star Wars #42 Continuing The Official Comics Adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars #42 is part four of the 6-part The Empire Strikes Back comic adaptation. We pick up with Luke stuck on Dagobah after his X-wing sinks into the swamp. There he finds Jedi Master Yoda and begins his Jedi training.

Also during this time Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and C-3PO are trying to outmaneuver Imperial Ships in the Millennium Falcon. After heading into an asteroid field, they end up hiding in what they thought was a cave on a big asteroid. Well, that cave turned out to be a giant Space Slug! Just nearly escaping the mouth of the Space Slug, Han takes the Falcon and makes a run towards the Star Destroyer that is chasing them. Changing his direction at the last minute Han and crew were able to hide by attaching the Falcon to the back of the Star Destroyer.

After losing the Falcon, Darth Vader hires a group of bounty hunters which includes Boba Fett (1st comic appearance) to hunt down the Falcon and its crew.

Star Wars 42

Get It Now Before It’s Too Late

With this issue being the first comic appearance of Boba Fett and Emperor Palpatine, and the cover featuring bounty hunters Boba Fett, Bossk, and Dengar; it has always been popular with collectors. Well, Thanks to the Disney+ hit Series The Mandalorian and the return of Boba Fett, this comic has skyrocketed in value. With ungraded editions going between $30 and $350 depending on the condition, and the graded ones are setting new marks. Comics graded at 9.8 are selling for over $2300 with one just recently going for $2630 according to Key Collector Comics. Lower grades will still hit your wallet deep, ranging from $450 to $1200 depending on the grade.

Star Wars Marvel Comics 42

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Source: Key Collector Comics