In case you missed it six months ago, Michael Keaton was all but confirmed to be returning to the role of Batman. Over the weekend, the New York Times had a HUGE expose with Walter Hamada about the future of the DCEU moving forward. We got news that DC would be doing smaller films for HBO Max about characters that might normally not get the chance to shine. Also from that article, we got news that moving forward there would be two Batmen in the DCEU. Robert Pattinson. And a mystery man. After some back and forth between the author, Brooks Barnes, he stated that Michael Keaton would be the other Batman.

So it looks like Flashpoint is going to be even more weighty in the future of the DC films. So while this might smell like six month old news, it’s news that DC is going to have two Batmen going forward.

Hopefully we’ll be getting that live-action Batman: Beyond that we all want.

What do you think of this news? Are you stoked to have Michael Keaton back as Batman? Were you a fan of Ben Affleck’s portrayal?

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Source: New York Times