There’s a lot of drama happening over on the CW’s Batwoman!

The series recently revealed Kate Kane (now portrayed by Wallis Day) survived the plane crash. But that’s still unknown to the Bat Team. Though they’ve been looking for Kate, they’re also pretty busy battling crime in Gotham!

During the Batwoman panel at WonderCon, showrunner Caroline Dries met up with Javicia Leslie and the rest of the cast. They go head-to-head in a trivia battle…and tease what’s to come in the rest of season 2.

The show recently revealed Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask, is behind the False Face Society. (Peter Outerbridge will play the villain.) The group has been manufacturing snakebite, a drug spreading throughout Gotham. That sounds bad enough, but this battle will also be personal for Batwoman: Angelique is involved with snakebite.

“It puts Batwoman in a really precarious position, because here’s her friend, her anchor, her soulmate, and here’s the villain of Gotham, and how does she ease her friend out of this horrific situation?” Dries explained. “She becomes sort of Enemy #1 to Black Mask.”

Batwoman Black Mask

Between the Black Mask and Kate Kane reveals, it looks like fans can expect drama on all sides for the rest of season 2.

“Kate’s in for a bumpy road. It’s pure drama from here on out,” teased Dries.

Check out the full WonderCon panel to hear the cast tease which team ups they want to see and which guest stars are their favorites. Plus, everyone goes head-to-head playing Batwoman trivia. Who comes out on top? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Batwoman airs Sundays on the CW.