Not only did Season 2 of The Mandalorian bring back Boba Fett, it also brought back his iconic ship Slave 1. Also thanks to The Mandalorian we also got a inside look at the ship that fans have never seen before. In the episode titled “The Believer” we get a scene showing Mando and the crew sitting in the Navigation Room, wondering what was going to happen to them when the ship rotates. We learned really fast, not really anything. Well, thanks to Concept Art Supervisor Ryan Church and The Disney Gallery Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2, we learn more on how that is possible.

How Did The Make Slave 1 Rotate around the Navigation Room?

As you can tell by the concept art in the above tweet, the passenger area in Slave 1 rotates and keeps everyone sitting the same way. Production designer Andrew L. Jones and creator Jon Favreau talked about how they put this together so it would work on screen, in the Disney Gallery The Mandalorian Season 2.

Slave 1

Andrew L Jones and Jon Favreau, On How They Put This Together

The Ship has this condition where it rotates when it takes off. So, the pilot sits on his back when it takes off, it rotates, but now he is sitting upright. But down below is the navigation room, and as the ship takes off and it rotates into its flying condition that part of the ship stays level”.

Slave 1

“It was a bit of a challenge to see if this would work on the screens, but to do that with traditional special effects you can imagine would be this huge complicated rig”. Jones also added “So we built an elevated deck with some seats on it and there’s a console as well, but that’s the set. All the rest of the vehicle is on the screens).”

“Nobody’s ever seen what goes on inside that ship when it rotates.” said Jon Favreau. “We only seen the outside, that was one of the inspirations for doing it on this stage, taking advantage of what this stage can do”.

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Source: Disney Gallery Star Wars: The Mandalorian