Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the WW84 film; Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the TV series

After COVID delays and a platform change, Wonder Woman 1984 finally premiered December 25, bringing Gal Gadot’s hero back to our screens. But did you catch the cameo from the other Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter?

(Note: It should go without saying, but this article contains spoilers!)

Carter appears in a post-credits scene. Walking through an outdoor marketplace, she stops a wooden beam from falling on a child, saving their life. When the mother thanks her, asking how she did it, Carter replies simply that she’s “been doing this a long time.”

It’s a neat little wink to fans. Carter, of course, portrayed Wonder Woman in the cult classic 70’s TV series. She has previously expressed her excitement to see the character make it to the big screen. Carter even appeared during DC FanDome with the rest of the cast to help promote WW84. So the appearance isn’t too surprising, but still a fun one for fans.

Lynda Carter crosses her wrists like Wonder Woman gauntlets during the WW84 panel at DC FanDome
Lynda Carter during the WW84 panel at DC FanDome

Carter’s cameo also links back to the backstory of Wonder Woman 1984. You know that golden armor? Well, it turns out Carter’s character was the original owner! In her cameo, she identifies herself as Asteria. Gadot’s Diana Prince explains to Steve Trevor during WW84 that Asteria stayed behind when the Amazons fled to Themyscira. Wearing the golden armor, Asteria held back the wave of men alone, sacrificing herself to allow her sisters to escape.

(Or I guess, considering the post-credits addition, was believed to have sacrificed herself.)

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman wearing golden armor
Gal Gadot wearing golden armor in WW84

I doubt we’ll see more from Asteria, but it was a neat way to allow Carter to cameo while tying in to the WW84 plot. But who knows? Warner Bros. did announce we can expect more Wonder Woman films.

So, were you excited to see Carter pop up in the post credits scene? Are you hoping to see more of Asteria? Let us know in the comments.

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