Story Synopsis: 5 Ronin

Four ronin and one geisha plan their revenge on the daimyo, but these aren’t ordinary people.  These five represent five of Marvel’s most popular heroes in this week’s Comic Rewind, 5 Ronin.

In the year 1600 the Battle of Sekigahara occurred.  In the aftermath of the battle the Tokugawa or Edo period began.  Tokugawa Ieyasu won the great battle and left  many of the opposing side’s samurai without masters.  Thus they became masterless samurai aka ronin.  The ronin were forced to wander the country.  Some sought new masters, some sought revenge, some became drunkards and some wandered looking for purpose.  This is where the story began.

5 Ronin

Wolverine Plots His Revenge

A ronin read a coded message to meet his brothers in a secret location, but was ambushed and killed.  His twin brother heard of his brother’s death and lead him to plot his revenge on the daimyo or great lord under the shogun.  This man was no ordinary man but the 17th century version of Wolverine.

Hulk Is Done With Fighting

A peaceful ronin has given up the idea of war and fighting.  He no longer wanted to fight and only farms.  However, it was clear that his huge stature and strength could put a stop to the bandits raiding a local village.  The 17th century version of Hulk decided to let his rage take over and put a stop to all fighting as he set his sights on the daimyo.

Not A Good Idea To Take Away The Only Thing Keeping Punisher Grounded

While fighting in Korea a man returned home only to find his home was leveled to the ground with another man farming his land.  This man heard the story of how his wife and daughter were forced to kill themselves before the daimyo’s men could capture them.  From that point on this man went on a mission to punish all who worked for the daimyo and eventually the daimyo himself.  The Punisher is on the hunt in 17th century Japan.

A Woman Seeks Her Revenge Without Any Ronin’s Help

A beautiful half Japanese and half European woman known as the Butterfly plotted her revenge.  She was a specialized geisha known as an Oiran. She was working her way to the top with higher and higher clientele until she reached the daimyo.  The 17th century version of Psylocke was as deadly as she was beautiful.

Finally a drunken ronin with a horribly scarred face had interacted with all four of our heroes as he tried to remember who he was.  He may have been a little crazy, but that just allowed 17th century Deadpool to get closer to the daimyo than anyone else in order to exact his revenge.

5 Ronin was written by Peter Milligan with art by Tom Coker, Dalibor Talajic, Laurence Campbell, Goran Parlov and Leandro Fernandez.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2011.

5 Ronin

Marvel Ronin? Yes Please

I originally found this comic because David Aja did some of the covers.  Even though I was disappointed that he didn’t do the interior art I decided to read it.  The idea of Marvel heroes in another time period interested me and samurais are always cool.

The concept I liked and I enjoyed everyone’s origin story.  All signs pointed to all the heroes teaming up to take down the daimyo.  What I wanted was to have all five meetup or at least interact a bunch.  However, besides Deadpool the only two who had a direct interaction were Wolverine and Psylocke.  To make it worse they didn’t even team up. They fought almost to the death as to who would be able to kill the daimyo.

So The Ronin Don’t Team Up At All?

If all the heroes had a crack at the daimyo, but for one reason or another failed I would have been alright with that.  However, one snuck in and killed him just as the others reached the fortress and that battle was not all that climactic.

I would have loved more of a central story rather than five stories which barely interconnect.  Three more issues would have made this comic so much better.  Also I would have loved the characters to team up against a bigger threat. That’s kind of what team books are about.  Marvel heroes teaming up hence the team part of a team book.

This seems like a really good book which had the last quarter cut out, but that’s where all the good stuff happens.



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